Saturday, December 27, 2008

As if on Cue!

Each year for the Six years I've been with Hanesbrands now, this wonderful lady that works in the Market Research department has brought me an Amaryllis plant. Two years the Blooms didn't open at all and for three years all I got was Big foliage... But this year, This year, I have the most Perfect amaryllis, Ever! 

And, as if on Cue, it bloomed exactly on Christmas day and looks Fantastic on my kitchen table! Yes, that's a New advent wreath... I did some after-Christmas shopping yesterday and had to go back for the Larger advent wreath that matches the one I bought last week at the Old Salem gift shop. That one looks so Nice on the dining room table; I just had to have another for the table in the Kitchen. It was half-off of $85 too... Even better!

what a Lovely amaryllis! 
Salem Creek (the equivalent of Brinton's in Carmel) always has the very
best Holiday (and home) decorations but they've Never, ever held an
after-Christmas sale. But yesterday they Broke with tradition, and had one!
and, it was Fantastic! Everything Christmas in
the store was either 30% or 50% off!
it was like being in a Great, big Candy store in Heaven!
I told him to just Leave me here and come back in a
few Hours, I'd be fine... But he wanted to stay as Much as I did!
There's my new Advent wreath on the counter, all ready to Go home!
and this Santa was a Must-have too!
These Snowmen do nothing for me but just Look at all those
little green 50% off Sale tags... Could they be on sale, you think?
We first saw these Fabriche Santas in one of the decorated Historical homes
we toured down in Beaufort a couple of weeks ago. Now I have one too!
My boss has an Amazing collection of these Jim Shore Santas. I think this
one called, 12 Days of Christmas, is a nice way to Begin my own collection
when I first saw these garland I knew they would be Perfect on either
side of the front door. But at $90 each, I decided to wait until after Christmas,
and do you know that when I went back, there were Only these two left... Lucky me!
How cute is this little Dept. 56 Santa's light bulb shop?
Perfect on my kitchen table... Just like I knew it would be. Okay, we
are Officially done decorating for Christmas... Until next year, that is!

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