Monday, December 29, 2008

Out with the Old, and on to the New!

Honestly, as much as I enjoy Christmas, there is nothing Better than a completely clean and De-cluttered house after the Holidays to welcome a brand New year. I had so much Fun today... The house is Spotless and we Laughed and did just as much Reminiscing about our past Christmases wrapping our decorations to put them away as we did when we took them Out to put them up! And, while Christmas 2008 is now one for the History books, we Enjoyed every minute of it. I cooked and Baked lots, and unlike the last two years that saw College girlfriends follow Brandon home for the holidays, this Christmas, we had him all to ourselves... And for that, especially because he Leaves next week for basic training, I am the most Grateful. 

I must say though, this is the First, almost-New Year's-time in my Life that I can remember feeling so much Uncertainty about what lies ahead. Usually, my feet Barely touch the ground the Last week of the year... I always Feel like a helium balloon rising further and further up into the Atmosphere, all excited about the Amazing things that happened in my Old year and quite Giddy in my confidence that they will continue or at least Improve during the New year. But this year, it's a Little different... While it's still 2008, Brandon is still at home and sleeps Safely in the room next to mine. Therefore, I'm finding it difficult to let 2008 go, and I'm feeling more than a little Unsure about what this year around the corner has in store. As wonderful and Magical as our Christmas was, the truth is that the Season couldn't change the Facts... And, the facts are that Brandon's off on his Army Ranger-adventure next week and my parents were in San Francisco at UCSF this morning to meet with the surgeon. I will have to drive away from the Charlotte MEPS knowing Brandon's on a bus destined for Fort Benning without us, and we now have a Tentative surgery date set, January 28th, which means I'll be on a plane to California in the next few weeks. And, we all know how well I fly - Not! Especially alone, which only adds to the suckage. And yes, today, suckage stands as a word for the purpose of this entry. 

Nevertheless, there is nothing I won't do to be with my Parents as my dad faces this surgery, including Xanax. So while I will Welcome 2009 for the Cure I know it will deliver my dad and the Growth and opportunity it will offer to Brandon in his new Career, the lack of Control I will have in both situations is something this Control FREAK will not welcome.  

Oh! And, let's not Forget that I always begin the New Year getting older because my Birthday falls within the single-digit days of January. Ugh! But, on the bright side, I already have my Friday birthday-Spa appointment made and plan to spend it with terrific friends, having a long and Relaxing facial. So there's lots ahead for me... A lot that I'm looking forward to and a lot I'm looking forward to putting Behind me. Thankfully, I have the most Amazing family and friends to help see me through, Whatever comes my way. So Here's to 2009!  

Today was less suited for housework and More for enjoying
the great Outdoors.. Just look at the Gorgeous, warm sunlight!
only the Calendar betrays the Season today... Because if
we didn't know any Better, we'd Swear it was spring!
All the dancing Hallmark snowpeople are put away for another Year and
the Kitchen table is clean... I found two really Great new storage tubs
for my new Advent wreaths so those are put away now too!  
I did manage to find a Little bit of time to shop this Afternoon, and
just couldn't pass up this Jim Shore piece dedicated to our Soldiers
truly a Must-have for the book table in the Entry!

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