Sunday, December 21, 2008

Practicing a little Sunday acceptance

Stopped on the way Home from the market to wash my truck. I've had this sticker on my Desk that my dad sent me the day Brandon enlisted in the Army... I said I'd put it on when my truck was clean again, after it stopped raining, when I had time... Well, it stopped raining and while I am usually Fanatical about keeping my truck clean, I just avoided washing it. Perhaps avoiding the Sticker a little too... Then today I decided to Woman-up, wash my truck, Windex-shine the windows, scrape off my ASU Parent sticker and unearth that Army mom sticker from all the mail on my desk. Supportive but terrified is still how I Feel and accepting Brandon's decision in my Own time is still how I roll. Much like Christmas, January 6th will come whether I'm ready or not. So while he's still at home, I'm going to look as Ready and appear as Strong as I can! Army strong... as they say.

Truth is, My son is in the Army
Today was also Brandon's last day at Home Depot before he Leaves
for Basic so his co-Workers presented him with this Signed apron
Click to enlarge the photos below to Read some of the Well wishes...
Kim must be someone very Special. Don't
remember Brandon bringing her home though...
Drop and Give me 20, says Tim. Very funny!
Relative to me, these People have known my Brandon for five minutes;
nevertheless, their appreciation and Love for him seem no less sincere
They all want the Same thing for their sweet little head Cashier
and Friend - Best wishes, Good luck, God's protection...
...and to See him come home again safe
As his mom, it's a lot to take in... You know?

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