Thursday, April 17, 2014

Inspired through Inspiring Others... An Easter Cookie Story!

Although I've been busy creating cookies the past few weeks, I did
not cut, roll, bake or decorate one Easter cookie of my own this year!
Which, if you've been reading for a while and remember this post and
this post, you know is quite unusual for me... Especially since I own the
most perfect Easter cookie cutter set ever made and love to use it!
Nevertheless, although I didn't create Easter cookies of my own this year, I'm
delighted for the privilege of introducing you to a few people who are very special
to me that did! First, we have long-time reader and my dear friend, Leah... Who
surprised me with photos of this lovely vintage Easter egg cookie collection she
created using the same vintage Marth by Mail Egg Cookie Cutters I have!
Now, Leah and I are both fans of Julia Usher and follow Julia's blog too. So,
when Julia wrote this post about rubber-stamping cookies I was intrigued...
Meaning, I was too intimidated to try! But not Leah! Leah jumped right in...
Putting together the supplies she needed to get right to work! Just
look at all of these beautifully stamp-decorated cookies Leah created!
I especially love the soft colors she chose and the style of the bead decoration Leah
used to outline her cookies. The elegant cream-tone color combination makes for
a delicate vintage Victorian look! I think Leah's cookies are stunning, don't you?
Of course, Leah being her sweet self, she was quick to point out what
she said were flaws in her stamping... She called this trio her sweet misfits!
Of course, I reminded Leah there are no misfits, only cookies voted most likely to be
eaten first... ha! Besides, the beauty of stamping cookies is that missing outlines can
easily be sketched in with edible markers or covered embellished with icing! So
what about you? Are you as inspired by Leah to rubber-stamp cookies as I am? Ever
since I saw Leah's cookies, I've been looking at rubber stamps in a whole new way!
Honestly, I don't know how Leah's able to create cookies at all... Because
if her sweet Oscar-kitty were mine, I'd have difficultly leaving his side!
Inspiring each other... That's what this cookie thing is all about! Which brings
me to the next introduction I feel honored to make to you... You see, a few days
ago, I received the following e-mail from one of my readers and Oui, Sugar!
customers, Teri from Happy Valley, Oregon: Hi, Janet! Well cookie decorating
party #2 is in the books with my some of my adult cousins (after hosting at
Christmas they begged for an Easter session as well). What fun we have
decorating cookies inspired by your beauties! Your royal icing recipe is the
best -- fresh lemon juice makes all the difference as you say! Here are a couple
photos of our fun - both orders of your fabulous icing bottles were put to
great use! Our cookies pale in greatness to yours but we know you will be proud
of our efforts! Thanks for inspiring so many people across this beautiful nation,
Janet! Have a very Blessed Easter! Teri  - Wow! I have to tell you, there are days
when I think no one reads... So why bother writing? Then, I hear from readers like
Leah and Teri and not only do I find myself inspired by what they're doing with
their cookies, I begin to believe this blog is contributing and worth continuing
after all! I must also admit that seeing my Oui, Sugar! Decorating Kit and
those decorating squeeze bottles I love so much in action on Teri's table
makes me feel quite proud of the work I put into my Oui, Sugar! store too. So,
without further delay, please join me in sending some big cookie-decorating
love to three out of the seven members of Teri's family that made up this
Easter cookie party! Clockwise from top we have: Teri's cousin Joanne, her
sister Traci and cousin Mary. Hello, ladies - We all love your cookies!
I see perfectly baked cookies by Teri's sister, Toni! And Sanding Sugar,
sprinkles and royal icing decorating techniques that were executed perfectly
to create darling Easter cookies I know Teri's whole family will be delighted
to discover tucked into their Easter baskets this Easter Sunday weekend!
In Teri's e-mail she said she knew I would be proud of their cookies
and I am... More than they know! I say, Bravo! and, Well Done!
to sisters, Teri, Toni, Traci and their sweet cousins, Joanne and Mary!


  1. Pretty cookies and a cookie decorating party. I love it. Think I'm going to have to have one of those this Summer.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. Janet, this post is BEAUTIFUL and not because my cookie pictures are in but because your HEART is in it! You have a gift of making others feel so special and connected in this world. Your warmth and generosity are beyond measure. Thank you for being a wonderful and supportive teacher who encourages the creative cookie in all of us! YOU truly bring new meaning to the word INSPIRATION!

    Love the pictures of Teri and her cousins and their fabulous cookies! .......makes me wanna plan a cookie party!!!

    Many, many thanks again for all your encouragement!

  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely stamped cookies and this wonderful post. Happy Easter!

  4. Wow! We made the blog!! What a great surprise to be curled up reading Janet's blog tonight only to find pictures of our cookie decorating party! My extremely talented sister, Teri, hosted us this past Sunday for a whole lot of quality cousin-time as we decorated the perfect cookies she and sister Toni made a couple days earlier. Teri had all the supplies ready to go for us, many of them purchased from Oui Sugar. I know she is inspired by you, Janet, and all your beautiful creations. And never think that no one reads your blog as there are lots of us out here who check in daily, hoping for a new entry. We talk about your cookies all the time!

    I can't wait for everyone to see these beauties on Easter Sunday. That is if I can keep from telling them that we're on the blog!

    Thanks for the love, Janet- right back at ya!

  5. How fun to find us on this blog, that I now need to follow..Teri's cookie parties are so fun and we laugh so much it is a wonder we decorate any cookies..Now I will follow your blog for future inspiration..Thanks to Teri for introducing it to me.

  6. Thanks for the great post Janet -- I never dreamed I'd ever see my name associated with your most awesome blog! Your cookies are always so beautiful and they have always inspired me. I am very impressed with the intricate details of Leah's cookies as well -- all those individually placed sugar pearls!

    I read your blog faithfully and will comment more often so you know how truly appreciated you are to so many! All the best - teri

  7. What a wonderful way to connect with family and or friends, years ago the women folk would gather to do big cooking and sewing projects, this is a great way for us women in 2014 to get to do this. I really like this idea. Another way maybe we do by "connecting" on-line and meeting new people. So please don't think nobody reads your blog, we don't all have the time to say so.....sorry. But we do read it and it is a very worthwhile read. You may remember how I said that I love cake stands (I'm one of the cookie cutter winners) anyhoo I adore your bunny cake stand, so adorable! I wish your family a very blessed Easter!

    Hearts and Toodles, Barbi

  8. It was an amazing cookie decorating party! I am so blessed by family (our parents were one of ten children), and each of my cousins have immense talent! Teri puts on such a fun party that when her friend stopped by, she begged to join our group! She's not a cousin, tho! :) I am so inspired that now I am hosting a cookie decorating get together! I am hosting a bridal shower - part of the take-away bags for guests will be a decorated flip flop cookie (as suggested by Teri). Teri is my mentor in this process and is getting me set up with all the tools I will need to host this party successfully! So your impact is widespread, Janet! Keep on bloggin'!
    Happy Easter!


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