Friday, January 4, 2013

Martha by Mail Eggs Cookie Cutter Set... Happy Birthday to Me!

This has been a most-eggscellent week for me! First, I learn that
my name was drawn as the winner of a beautiful new KitchenAid
gas range by the lovely Paula and Susan who invited me to attend
Mixed, the most awesome blogger conference, Ever! Then, today we
received confirmation that in less than 19 hours from right now, our
Ranger will be stepping aboard what we like to call a, Freedom Bird
bound for home! Not home-home, but home as in not in Afghanistan,
which is good enough for me. Lastly, I just arrived home to find this!
It's a birthday card from the two people in this world...
Who know me best!
Oh, and with that fun bit of mail also came
this... A little, to-me-from-me birthday gift!
Isn't it lovely? The Martha by Mail Eggs set of copper cookie
cutters has been near the top of my wish list for quite a while!
This set comes from an estate sale and, it is in pristine vintage condition!
Just look at all that gleaming copper with that
delicious little Martha by Mail bee and hive stamp!
So many fantastic gifts this week... I can hardly believe it! Just
imagine my joy next week when I hear Ranger's voice for the first
time since October! Can you think of anything better than that?


  1. Oh I do hope you and your family get to go see Ranger-- Enjoy that precious time together!!

  2. Your first week of 2013 has been an awesome week - I think this might be your year!!! :D

    Happy Birthday Janet!! I hope it is filled with love and laughter.


  3. I'm so happy for you, Janet, for all the above reasons. Happy birthday!

  4. Your parents are awesome, what a great birthday card. So happy for you that The Ranger is one his way home for a visit. Enjoy your birthday Janet and may your entire year be as wonderful for you at this first week of January has turned out to be.

  5. Well, 2013 is certainly starting out with grandeur for you. I know you will enjoy the new range and especially the homeward Ranger. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

  6. I'm late to the party so happy birthday, congrats on the new KA range and super congrats on the Ranger's return to safe terrain. Happy new year Janet!



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