Saturday, April 12, 2014

Create Perfect Eggs Benedict for Your Easter Brunch {with Concord Foods Hollandaise Sauce Mix!}

This is a sponsored post I've written on behalf of Concord Foods

Eggs Benedict is my favorite! And, the key to this brunch classic is delicious
simplicity... Poached fresh eggs, toasted English muffins, Canadian bacon,
and a creamy, authentic Hollandaise sauce. However, if you're like me, you
too believe the simplicity aspect of this recipe ends with the ingredient list!
Always horribly intimated by poaching eggs and never imagining I could actually make
my own Hollandaise sauce, the only way I've ever had eggs benedict, was to have it
served to me. Oh! Let me also confess that I'm a poached egg snob... Whenever I'm
asked how I'd like my poached eggs, my response is always to reply: Perfectly!
However, all this changed after my friends at Concord Foods asked me to
try their Hollandaise Sauce Mix. Now, if Concord Foods sounds familiar to
you, it might be because of this post I wrote last year for their delicious fresh
Cranberry bread mix and reconstituted juices. As many of you already know,
my Royal Icing Recipe can't sing without lemon juice! But what about the
Hollandaise? Everyone knows really great Hollandaise is earned... It may only
be achieved through years and years of practice and failed attempts. Double-
boilers and lots of whisking... Whisking that if not done exactly so, results in
scrambled eggs, not the creamy, lip-smacking Hollandaise we're all after!
So what about it? Can great Hollandaise, one of the five mother sauces
of French cuisine, really come from a packet and require only a cup of water
and just a few turns of my whisk? If so, what would my beloved Julia say?
Well, I'll tell you what she would say... Julia would say this Concord Foods
hollandaise sauce is perfection! She would also say that with my hollandaise
dilemma now solved, there's no excuse left not to try poaching my own
eggs! So here goes... And, whether I fail spectacularly or succeed
by just a smidgen, I promise, you're about to see it all!
I begin with a pan of water that's approximately an inch deep and add
a teaspoon of kosher salt. I use coarse sea salt, which is also kosher!
Next, add two teaspoons white vinegar to the water... I read where
the vinegar helps the whites firm up quicker and prevents them
from floating away. So... Since I can use all the help I can get...
I also read salt prevents whites from coming together and, I've read it
helps bring them together... See why it's taken me so long to poach eggs?
As the water heated I cracked two eggs into these small dishes because to
keep the yolks intact, eggs must be slipped into the water, not dropped!
As soon as the water in my pan began to simmer, I
immediately started stirring to create a whirlpool...
Then, I slipped the first egg into the center of the whirl...
Then I covered my eyes and hoped for the best! No, I didn't
really cover my eyes... But I did hope for the best! And, then it
happened! My little egg whirled together and began to take shape!
Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are!
But it's true! After removing the pan from the heat, I covered it, set my
timer for 4 minutes and... On my very first try, I poached an egg like this!
A poached egg completely worthy of this
silky, rich, Concord Foods Hollandaise Sauce!
A poached egg and hollandaise sauce worthy of Easter
brunch but simple enough to throw together on a Tuesday
morning too! Because I think you and your family deserve it!
I know, you want to see it run. And, you're not alone!
I want to see the egg yolk run too! After all, if the yolk doesn't
run then all I have to show for my effort is a hard-boiled egg!
But as you can plainly see, this... This is no hard-boiled egg!
This is in fact my Her's to my His-and-Her's Brunch today!
Which, we are now enjoying on our deck with the surest sign
of Spring we've yet to see... The return of our mallard pair!
Nothing says Spring better than the
return of our mallard pair and Easter!
I wish to thank the great people at Concord Foods for creating a
Hollandaise Sauce Mix that is not only effortless to make, but is also as
delicious as the finest Hollandaise this Eggs Benedict snob has ever tasted!
Don't forget! Hollandaise Sauce isn't just for those amazing poached
eggs I know you'll be making, now that you know the person least likely
to ever successfully poach an egg can do it... No! Hollandaise Sauce is
also amazing over asparagus and with fish, chicken and even turkey!

Please visit the Concord Foods website here where you'll find a whole catalog of amazing recipes using their entire line of exceptional products!


  1. I'm ready to try it!

  2. Yum, Yum, Yum! We love Eggs Benedict! What a perfect Spring post! Can't wait to try the Concord Foods Hollandaise mix......what a wonderful time saver! Thanks for fabulous poached egg tutorial..........that will truly make the perfect Easter Brunch Menu! Love that your Mallard's are back.......they are magnificent! We have three pairs of bluebirds nesting! Happy Spring!

  3. Great article Janet. I'm going to have to try to poach eggs too!

  4. I hate to admit, but I have never poached an egg! My hubby does them though and does a great job. My tip for poaching eggs is therefore, get someone else to do it!!! Hope that you are having fun enjoying your springtime garden with the ducks! xx

  5. Well done! And thank you for showing the great step-by-step instructions. I learned to poach an egg the hard way -- before the internet -- by ruining at least a dozen eggs. LOVE the little door and window on you tree! So charming! Showing it to my husband ...

  6. Eggs benedict is my favorite and your post makes me want to try and make some (I have always been a little nervous about the poaching part! Haha). I may have to attempt those this Sunday and cook brunch for my parents. I will go pick up some Concord Foods Hollandaise mix later today! Happy Happy Easter! - Kimberly W.


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