Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring's Garden Songs and and one Flirty Cardinal!

This Palm Sunday found us outside in the garden!
Where the pink dogwood trees and bleeding hearts are
in full bloom and literally... Taking my breath away!
Everything is blooming. Everything is waking up!
Thanks to a little breeze, Spring's music is in the trees too!
I have been very busy today welcoming each
and every tree back from its long winter's nap!
During my exploration of the gardens I found this little egg... It
makes me sad to think of the little birdie that didn't make it!
Speaking of birds... This cardinal has been wooing his lady all day
long. We've watched them fly across the yard at least a hundred times!
She flies away first. He calls to her and, eventually, he follows...
Here he is stalking her from within the branches of
this Canadian Hemlock I affectionately call Cousin It!
I see you!
You handsome devil, you!
I don't know how she resists you...
Honestly, I don't!
Yes, I'm talking about you!
Speaking of stunners... My husband's tulips have been
smiling up at this gorgeous bright sunshine all day!
I love his Spring bloomers!
In case you wondered, this is what it looks like when Tulips take selfies!
By the way... If you haven't picked up the May issue of Martha Stewart Living,
you must. I've just spent the entire afternoon pouring over every page!
This pancake skillet is now high on my list of recipes to try!
I sooo want that table!
Oh, Yellowware... How I love thee!
I'm delighted you decided to join me for this peek into our Spring
gardens on this beautiful Palm Sunday. Before you go, I hope you'll
enjoy this video of today's Spring Song I recorded just for you!
I also hope this week leading up to Easter treats you especially sweet!


  1. Everything is looking so utterly beautiful!!! I wish that I could take a turn around your garden with you as there are so many lovely things to see. I stopped getting MSL some time ago as I was getting disenchanted with it, but you are making me want to start it up again! Hope that you have a great week. xx

    1. I would love nothing more than to take a turn around my gardens with you, Amy!

      By the way... I also discontinued my MSL subscription (after nearly 20 years!) because I was unhappy with it - nearly broke my heart to do it too - However, after the 58th post card asking me back, I decided to give it another go - And, I'm right glad I did! xo

  2. We spent nearly the whole day in the garden, as well! It was gorgeous! (And now it's supposed to get down close to freezing??)

    1. Shhhh, Kirby! If we ignore it, that nasty old weather might just pass us by! ;)

  3. Janet, Gorgeous Bleeding heart! Mine are just barely peeking out of the ground! Love the Wind Chimes in the tree and hearing them in your wonderful & serene Tulip Video! That sassy Cardinal is one handsome bird! Love the tulip selfie.....that's a hoot! Might just have to treat myself to this month's Martha Stewart Living Mag!
    Thanks for giving me hope that Spring is really coming! More SNOW and bad weather forecast for us tomorrow.....

  4. We are just beginning to see buds on our trees, and the lawn is greening up. My list, including spicy geraniums and happy Gerbera daisies, keeps getting longer and longer! They will have to wait; we woke to 17* this morning. Will our winter ever end?!
    Thanks for the peek at your garden, and its visitors. What a lovely place to be able to spend Easter!


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