Sunday, October 6, 2013

The sights and sounds of a lazy autumn Sunday afternoon...

There was only one spot we wanted to spend our day today...
I thought of this spot all day yesterday while I volunteered at
the Mount Tabor rummage sale. Eight hours I stood in that hot, stuffy
gym selling rummage to benefit Ranger's high school Alma mater...
I was happy to do it, of course... But there would be no more
of that today! Today was all about escaping to a quiet spot...
To take in what's going on in the gardens
and, the last little bit of weekend we have left! 
I see the potted lamb's ear on the deck is beginning to fade...
Just like the hostas and ferns down by the pond...
Everything is giving up... Yielding all their hard work and
the effort it took to get this far, over to the next season...
The season of sleep for all that's green and colorful around here!
It's okay with me...
So long as it promises to come back!
In the meantime, there's cold evenings soaking in
the hot tub under the stars to look forward to...
Every season has something unique to offer...
I'm looking forward to watching another spectacularly colorful
autumn come together and then make way for another winter...
But for today, for these few hours at least, I'm here in my hammock by the
creek, listening to the birds sing and the squirrel rustle through the leaves...
Being as lazy as I know how to be on a Sunday autumn afternoon!
Ignoring everything on my long to-do list...
That waits for me tomorrow!
If you need three minutes of peace, I invite you to
listen to the sounds of my lazy day in the garden here


  1. Ah, just what I needed. It is a grey grizzly looking day here, so some sunshine from Janet's is just the thing to bring some cheer! Have a good week dear one.

    1. Thank you, Amy - I'm glad you enjoyed the view! Sorry about the grey grizzly looking day over there. I've ordered up some sunshine with your name on it so do let me know when it arrives! You have a good week too! xo

  2. Janet It's beautiful. I always look to your blog for ideas on how to landscape the forest area of our acreage. I finally ventured to the back yesterday it was amazing. Living in the country is worth the extra work you think?


    Cottage Making Mommy

    1. Thank you, Valerie! And yes, I quite agree... Living in the country is well worth the extra work. Of course, I don't do any of the extra work; however, it's what I tell my husband during periods of supervision. HA HA! But seriously, thank you - It thrills me to have you reading along. xo

  3. Oh the splendor of your gardens and home are some of the things that give me great pleasure. That heavenly video I watched carried me back to a time I lived in the country and worked diligently to make it my own heaven on earth. You will never know how much I look forward to seeing your posts. The times I fail typing the correct letters and numbers to make a comment keeps it from posting.But that doesn't stop me from trying to tell you how much I enjoy each and every post. Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of our world through your blog.


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