Friday, October 25, 2013

Thank You for a Fantastically Sweet First Week!

It's the end of week one for our little Oui, Sugar! marketplace and I want to send out BIG LOVE and THANKS to all my readers for helping make the experience everything I imagined it would be! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your purchases and especially the wonderful feedback so many of you have been so kind to share. 

One can never be sure what will happen when they put themselves out there... Or how what they share with others will be received; however, the way my little Oui, Sugar! on-line store project has been embraced is more than I could have hoped for... So, thank YOU!

Last night, after working five long hours to put the living room back together, I found this lovely note from my very first customer, Nicole in Portland, Oregon - She wrote:

Nicole posted on Oui, Sugar's timeline
I had an awesome surprise waiting at my door when I got home package arrived! It was definitely a welcome surprise since I thought it would be delivered tomorrow! Everything is all I had hoped (knew) it would be and more. The number cutters are beautiful, even the packaging is pretty....I didn't even want to slice open your pretty labels on the boxes!! :) I can't wait to start baking this weekend!!

I've already burned through more than half your guide, and so far you have addressed all my questions! Finally, someone has made it easy for me! I am honored to be your very first customer.... now I'm saving up for the cat and mouse cutter set!

Thanks so much for dreaming up Oui, Sugar! and also for making it happen!! :) You have put a huge smile on my face!!

Receiving such a positive and warm review about my products and packaging helped validate all the hard work that went into launching this project. I especially love Nicole's comment about my Recipes and Cookie Decorating Tips Guide since helping you create cookies is something I've always been passionate about!

Yesterday was just a great day all the way around!

First, I had an early morning e-mail from Ranger that included a photo, which has never happened during any of his previous four deployments. To see his face... Well, you have no idea how much that helped - I have floating on air ever since!

Also, when I got home from the dream-job, I found the hardwood flooring project Army dad has been working on all week is complete. Last weekend he promised me that the house would be put back together by this weekend and as usual, he has delivered! 

At first I was a little unsure... I mean, going from this:
To this:
Was quite a shock! Frankly, I was worried because it appeared a lot more
red than I remembered from the sample. In my mind I thought it was closer
to honey than redwood. But in the end, once the furniture was put in place...
My confidence returned and I knew I made the right choice! There's still a lot
of work left to do... I asked for the outlets to be moved to help hide them from
view so there's painting that needs to happen, now that the drywall repairs are
complete. And, there's a whole lot of cleaning that needs to happen too! Of
course, I'll be rearranging things for a while because everything feels a bit
out of place. Of course, as soon as I get everything back together, it will be
time to decorate for the holidays and I'll have to start over again! But...
That's okay because I've got nothing but time!

Again, thank you for your support and encouragement for Oui, Sugar! and please... Never, ever underestimate how much I appreciate your readership. It thrills me to have you reading along!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Looking great Janet, and just think of all the fun you will have moving this to there and back again 1000 times - Army Dad will love it!! Glad that you got a photo and letter from Ranger! Great news to float you along all weekend and well into next week. xx

    1. Thank you so much, dear Amy! I was soooo happy to hear from him!! On to putting things back together we go! xo

  2. Hi Janet,

    Your home looks beautiful and your new cookie site is fantastic. I am in Scotland so i can't always follow all your recipes and we don't seem to have caught on to the decorated cookie thing (which may be why i love them so much) but after your amazing tutorial on how to make royal icing i think i may be able to give it a go. Now i just need to start saving very very hard to afford one of your gorgeous starter packs (and the no doubt enormous postage charge hehe!).

    I love your blog and a new update always has me excited. Keep them up xx

  3. Wow, your new flooring looks beautiful, Janet! Army Dad really came through! You are going to have so much fun decorating for the holidays.


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