Sunday, October 27, 2013

Biltmore, Autumn 2013

 I was on my own today and SpaBoy had the day off...
So we escaped to Asheville!
And, to Biltmore Estate!
When we arrived in Asheville it was a chilly 32
degrees so we took an early tour inside the house!
But after lunch, after it warmed up a bit, we took the architect's tour!
And spent an hour or so poking around the roof tops of Biltmore!
I enjoyed it as much this time as I did the first time!
Some people own timeshares...
We have Biltmore!
What we pay for our annual pass is kinda like our maintenance fee!
When it comes to get-aways close to home...
Nothing beats Asheville and Biltmore!
SpaBoy and I weren't even out the door before
we began planning our next visit and tour!
It's called the premium tour and for $135 per person,
you get to choose the areas of the house you want to see!
High on SpaBoy's list is the organ loft...
High on my list are George and Edith's bathrooms!
Biltmore was as beautiful as ever today. And, just like
our visit around this time last year, the Ranger is
deployed again and we ran into another wedding party!
My favorite visits to Biltmore have been
the ones when mom and dad were with us...
Everywhere I look there are happy
memories of time spent here with them!
Seems like just yesterday they were here to enjoy
I can't believe that was already six months ago...
But... The planting beds at Biltmore never lie!
I hope you're having an amazing weekend too!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful, I would love to visit Biltmore, but I do feel as though I have had a bit of a poke around thanks to you. Thank you for sharing "your" house with me! You know I love a good house. I hope that you get to do the tour you would like, it is so great getting to poke around the places that other people don't get to see (she says from experience), even if it is the broom cupboard, it is always so interesting. Glad that you got out and relived some happy memories. xx

  2. Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing. I will probably never visit in real life so I truly enjoy your tours!

  3. Oh yes I love YOUR little country home Biltmore (ha ha). I couldn't pay the
    cost to heat the place. Thank you
    for sharing the beautiful fall pictures and tell us about the tour. I want to
    take it the next time we get to
    go. Praying for Ranger, I know you will have a wonderful time, when he finally
    gets home for good.

    Love ya,
    Toni xoxo


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