Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing... Oui, Sugar!

As you might remember, my dear friend David and I promised a little news in one of our posts we published a couple of months ago and, I'm thrilled to say it's about to happen! However, that being said... I'm afraid we do need you to be patient a tiny bit longer. 

In the meantime though, look who finally created a Facebook page for her cookie decorating, baking and other culinary adventures! Me... That's who! And, it would mean a lot if you would pop over and Like It for me!

Thanking you in advance and Wishing you a fabulously sweet week ahead!


  1. Oh Janet, now you give me another dilema. I am not "on" facebook, but I might need to be now!! More stuff to figure out... I wish you and David all the best with your venture and hope that it goes really well for you. I am sure that it will.

  2. Thank you, sweet Amy! Our fingers are firmly crossed! xo


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