Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oui, Sugar! and Michael Bonne Numbers... Another new Copper Cookie Cutter Set!

You may remember that last week I revealed Cat and Mouse,
my first copper cookie cutter designs executed by Michael Bonne
for the Oui, Sugar! on-line store, which launches next week!
Well, this week I'm delighted to share with you the second
copper cookie cutter set I have been working on!
Yes! A full set of numbers designed specifically for use as party
favors and cake toppers! Inspired by my experience creating those
2nd birthday party cookies earlier this year, I decided it was
way past time for a set of numbers that incorporates the whimsy of
the Martha by Mail numbers set with the size necessary to deliver
decorated numbers suitable for party favors, gifts and cake toppers!
As you can see, I provided Michael with
several different ideas for the same numbers...
I asked for a little bend here, a little bend there... Maybe a circle cut out. Or
maybe an oval would be better... Believe me, poor Michael heard it all!
But in the end, he brought all my ideas to life in
beautiful, gleaming copper like only Michael Bonne can!
Just for me... And, just for you too!
It's such a thrill to see Michael Bonne's name on something I dreamed up!
Each cutter is nice and tall and proportioned to provide plenty of
decorating canvas for a variety of designs and writing. What do
you think? I think I see birthday and anniversary cake toppers!
I also think these number cookies are ready for icing!
Speaking of icing and decorating...
What if I told you that everything you need to immediately
begin decorating cookies like a professional is in this box?

Well, it is! Because I've put together a comprehensive cookie decorating kit containing the same high-quality decorating tools, supplies and sugar decorations I've used to create thousands of cookies over the years. 

Tools such as PME Supatube seamless stainless steel tips in three sizes that make piping icing a breeze and guarantee perfectly straight lines, a pair of tweezers, the 8 oz. squeeze bottle with coupler I'm never without and, Americolor soft gel paste in eight shades that deliver superior color and consistent results every time!

I've also included some of my favorite and most versatile sugar decorations and everything else you need to achieve cookie decorating success the first time and every time! Additionally, the kit will include my favorite cookie recipe and recipe for my very own perfect royal icing!  

Purchased separately, the items I've assembled in this 24-piece decorating kit retail for over $67.00. However, I'm passing my savings on to you to make it more affordable!

By the way... These projects, of designing cookie cutters, working with Michael Bonne and developing this decorating kit for you is all a labor of love... A way to answer all the questions I receive from readers about which tools to use to achieve the same cookie decorating results I do and share with you through my blog. 

Therefore, I've decided to add the profits from the sale of these decorating kits and my copper cookie cutters to the blog traffic revenue I receive from  by BlogHer, which I already donate to Wounded Warrior Project

For this reason, I hope you'll share the news of my blog and these products, (soon to be offered through the Oui, Sugar! on-line marketplace) with your friends!

To donate to Wounded Warrior Project, please click on the WWP button located on my side bar or click here.


  1. Well what a FABULOUS idea! :)

    1. Thank you, Mary Beth! You are always so supportive and kind. xo

  2. Amazing.... you never cease to amaze with you talent and your tenacity!!! I absolutely love your many talents!

  3. OH love the number set. What fun they will be to decorate

    1. Thank you so much - I hope you and your family enjoy them!! xo

  4. Gosh Janet you have been busy! It is just like you to have made lots of versions to make sure that each cutter is just right, and also just like you to be so generous in donating all of your profits from this project. I hope that it is a wonderful success! xx

    1. I really have been busy, Amy but this has been such a fun busy, I just cannot tell you how rewarding and enjoyable it's been! Thank you for reading along and for being a great friend! xo

  5. You are such a special person Janet! God bless you!

    1. You are very sweet, Margaret - And, I feel the same way about you! xo


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