Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hard hardwood choices!

Fellow Ozians... I ask that you not be deterred in your search for Wizard of Oz
collectibles! For while requests for specific characters will be met with blank
stares and you will likely be told they "only" have, the Iron Man, Clown, Kitty,
Princess and Green-monster" I assure you, our beloved Tin Man, Scarecrow,
Lion and Glinda ARE waiting for you! As for the Wicked Witch of the West...
Please, don't be alarmed when shown my photo as reference; this comes merely
as a reaction to my good intention of informing the people of McDonaldsville!
So, here I am... Two weeks since I decided to replace the carpet
with solid hardwood and yet, I'm no closer to making a decision!
The problem is that my first choice at Lumber Liquidators costs twice as
much as a nearly identical product elsewhere. I would buy the other one
in a second, but there is something about the color of the one I chose at
Lumber Liquidators. Of course, it's a difference that is so slight it makes
no sense to the man responsible for installing it, who also wants our lives
to return to normal. But for me...Well, I'm a bit hung up about what to do!
Forced to make a decision before close of business tomorrow, he said, I called
to ask Lumber Liquidators to price-match the deal... So we'll see. If not, then I
promised to do my best to live with this other option. But we know how I am
about settling for something that ultimately was second choice. Wish me luck!

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  1. Let me guess, the large sample is the one? Not sure if it is my pc but I can see a difference, and I prefer the edges of the boards on the larger sample as well as the colour. I hope that I got it right! Either way, I understand the need for the right one. Lets home that your fav provider price matches!


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