Friday, September 27, 2013

The Prettiest Day in North Carolina!

I've been known to complain that the sky isn't as blue here as it is in California...
But today, North Carolina decided to prove me wrong...
Out of the blue!
I could not stop looking up... All day I commented on how amazing the sky looked!
It was just the perfect end of summer, start of autumn day!
A perfect day to be outside among the treasures in Liberty!
After spending a couple of hours pouring over hardwood samples this
morning, I'm afraid I'm no closer to making a decision about the living
room floor than I was last weekend when we rolled up the carpeting!
By the time we were done arguing about comparing
styles and finishes, we were both ready for a break!
Which is exactly what we took after noticing a sign by the side of the
road for the Liberty Antiques Festival and, realized it began today!
You may remember that a few years ago it was here that I stumbled on
that handy little sheet pan cart I now can't bake cookies without!
The rules for vendors at Liberty include no reproductions, no crafts and nothing made
after 1975. However, that doesn't stop me from hoping to find some Martha by Mail!
Why is it always the copper that catches my attention first?!
As the great Carrie Bradshaw used to say... Hello, Lover!
I know it's brass. But it's also vintage 1904 brass perched atop carrara
marble. Only its $450 price tag stopped me from dragging it home!
There was lots to love with this vendor!
I especially loved this vintage wire dish drainer!
Again with the copper!
I'm a sucker for vintage ice cream scoops and seeing this fabulous
little trio was like a dream come true! Cone, sandwich and scoop!
Sadly, the vendor priced her collection over $800! That's the
only draw-back to Liberty... Yes, you'll find mostly high-quality
antiques around but they're also mostly priced well above retail!
But if near-perfect condition matters, which it does to me...
Then Liberty is the place!
Even if buying everything I want is cost prohibited, it's still
a bunch of fun to browse the booths and chat with vendors!
Now there's something I'm sure wasn't made before 1975!
At least I hope not!
How great is this hanging form?
Halfway through we stopped for kettle corn!
And, the last vendor I visited was this one... I remember because it's
where I put my camera down and walked off without it. Thankfully, I
remembered before we left the parking lot and thankfully it was still there!
On the way home, the bluest sky I've ever seen in North Carolina stayed with us!
Let it be known that while the sky isn't always as blue as it is in Monterey...
North Carolina does have...
The prettiest highway landscaping plan I've ever seen!
Tomorrow we're off to see Steve Martin and Edie Brickell
at the Blue Grass festival and, I cannot wait... See why here!


  1. Well Janet, you have to admit, that is pretty blue sky!! Looking forward to seeing what you picked up at the antiques fair!

    1. Thank you, Amy! It was a lovely day! I'm afraid I must admit to NOT buying a thing! And, today I feel wiser for it! Because if you look for these ice cream scoops I was drooling over, you'll see that on e-Bay not a one has sold for over $50! Whew! Crisis averted! But still, it's super-fun to go visit these things, get ideas and then buy them for less elsewhere. (Not saying that's what I did in this case, ha ha!)

  2. If I had known you were going to be in the presence of that yellowware I would have given you a list! How fun to scour that place.


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