Sunday, September 22, 2013

Officially Autumn!

A new autumn has arrived! I'm usually not much for rushing the seasons;
however, since the end of the year will bring us an end to Ranger's current,
and thankfully last deployment, I say... Bring on autumn and the holidays!
But for now... What is green today won't be so green in a few weeks!
Pretty soon the view from our front door will look more like this!
But until it does... We're going to enjoy the
last moments and colors of summer!
While the view from my kitchen window still include leaves!
And, lush, green grass!
And, critters who are preparing for the next season to come...
All very busy getting their fill now!
Yup! Summer is on its way out for sure now... Last night we closed the pool!
And, a chilly rain forced me off the grill
to finish our dinner filets on the stove...
Making it really official!
The end of summer also means it's time for
the next round of home improvements!
You may remember that last spring, this bathroom
upstairs was on my hit-list. We took it from this...
And... Although I may have promised that it was the
last room in the house I felt needed updating, there
was still the matter of the carpeting in my map room!
Yes, I picked it out... Yes, that was less than three years ago and, yes... 300 square
feet of Shaw's best carpet with installation did cost double what hardwood flooring
would have cost me. And yet, hardwood is what I want now! So, I took a huge risk...
Clearing out all my treasures... Because it exposed what someone
quickly said might be a slight candle addiction. Fortunately I was
able to explain that this is just a lack of adequate storage space!
That uncomfortable conversation aside... It was all worth it,
to finally remove all this beautiful, plush white carpeting...
So that the man I love can practice more
of his hardwood flooring installation skills!
One of us is less happy about this than the other... So do wish me luck!


  1. My heart just sank a little...what beautiful carpet. I do hope it got the chance at a second life. But - I do wish you and your new hardwood floors a wonderful love affair. :D

    I am taking some cues from this lovely room while I am working on the design for the downstairs. I have an awesome map that I am eyeing to go on the divider wall between the theatre area and my art studio. Exciting stuff I am telling you - I can't wait to be up on my feet again!!!

    1. Maps make wonderful decoration! Especially when they mean something in your life... A birthplace, a honeymoon destination, favorite city or state... There are lots of reasons to decorate with maps! I'm wishing you a full and speedy recovery, my friend! xo

  2. OH HOW VERY EXCITING JANET!!! I can't wait to see your new hardwood floor as we will be installing them very soon ourselves! I'm dying to see what color you choose, and the width of the boards!! There's a lot of choices out there!!

    Your yard is beautiful as always!!! Your DH does such a wonderful job out there!!

    Love the candle collection- isn't it hard not to buy them!!!! They just shout- YOU NEED ME! ��

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I'm looking forward to seeing it too! You're right, with so many choices, it's almost impossible to pick just one. Thank you for your kind words about Terry's landscape - I promise to pass them along to him! Candles always seem to be screaming my name too! :) xo

  3. Garden = looking fabulous - tell Army Dad!
    Critters = looking as though they are making themselves at home and enjoying the feed!
    Carpet = if you want to replace and you can, go for it! You can always add a rug.......
    Candles = accept the fact that this is an illness Janet, I have it, you have it, I think that it might be a blogger thing!!!


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