Saturday, June 1, 2013

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, featuring Edie Brickell - Wow!

Drop everything you're doing and watch this ... So great! And, best of
all... We had the good fortune to have a couple of fantastic seats at last
night's performance of Mr. Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers,
featuring the lovely Edie Brickell. We left with this autographed poster
and their new CD autographed by both Steve Martin and Edie Brickell!
I have been a fan of Steve Martin forever. And, although I kinda lost track of
her music after the late 80's, Edie Brickell has long been a favorite. Hearing
their stories about how these two incredibly talented people came together,
along with North Carolina bluegrass band, the Steep Canyon Rangers to create
such magnificent music, which they performed for nearly three hours, made for a
truly inspired evening! Steve Martin was funnier than ever and, man!, he can play
the banjo! The Steep Canyon Rangers are ah-mazing and, by the time the show
was over all we could think about is how to see them again. Fortunately we'll
have the opportunity this September in Raleigh... Because I just bought tickets!
This morning, I loaded Love Has Come For You onto my iPod
and took it down to the pool where we planned to spend all day!
84 is usually my number but I spent zero time complaining about this yummy 86!
Instead, I kicked back in my float and watched the virtually cloudless sky!
Nearly cloudless but not bird-less at all, because all day a woodpecker
flew back and forth between the trees behind the pool and the tallest
tree in our back yard. She always seemed to land in the same spot...
So I decided to grab my camera and zoom in for a closer look!
I was right! It is a she and, she is feeding her babies in that nest just below her feet!
I stopped counting after the fiftieth trip she made!
Not a bad way to begin our first weekend of summer!


  1. I got that CD for Mother's Day. I love it!

  2. Oh the joy of a Summer Day in late Spring spent in a pool watching birds and other nature, while listening to music. It seems like you've had a wonderful day. Love your photos of the woodpecker.

  3. Going to order the Steve Martin & Edie Brickell CD today! We have a few of his older CD's....Love em!

    Lucky you getting to see the whole gang live in concert!

    The pool is looking gorgeous Janet! I'm ready to come over for a dip!

    Loved seeing your beautiful Red- Bellied wood pecker feeding her babies in that gorgeous ol' sycamore tree! We have a pair that come to our peanut feeder everyday but have never found their nest!

    Many, many thanks again for the "shout out" I'm still pinching myself.....

  4. me again...

    These lyrics for Atheists have no songs are absolutely hysterical! Loved it! especially the last lines......Atheists just take a pass and watch football in their underpants, watch football in their underpants!

    How does he come up with this stuff? Brilliant!

    It's all your fault.......I can't get this song out of my head!!! LOL! My CD arrives tomorrow!


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