Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beach Peace...

As I wrapped the final few BIKE MS bake sale cookies, all I could
think about was putting away all my cookie-making supplies, cleaning up
my kitchen and escaping to a place where I could hear the waves crash!
The coast was screaming my name and everything inside of me was
ready for a break! A break from six weeks of cookies, a break from my
thoughts about Ranger's upcoming deployment, a break from being
side-lined by a torn Achilles. And, a break from being homesick for the sea!
The last time I stood in this spot staring at Hatteras lighthouse, it was
still closed to tours and badly in need of fresh paint and landscaping...
Yet, despite the shortcomings of Hatteras back then, I would give anything
to be transported back to that day when these guys stood in front of me!
However, since time stands still for no one...
On we go!
On the promise of the new memories I
hope will be made here one day soon...
The North Carolina coastline is high on mom and dad's to-do list...
So one day soon I hope to be standing here with them!
And, who knows...
Ranger recently introduced us to the one...
So maybe we'll be gazing over this view with them one day too!
As I get older, I realize it's faith, hope and the possibility of what's to come
that makes me jump out of bed every morning and keeps me moving forward...
Yes indeed... I needed this!
And, so did the man who hadn't had a home-cooked meal in nearly
two months while the kitchen was in full-on cookie production mode!
Standing on this platform is where I made
the decision to go home for Christmas...
Today I decided life's too short to allow my fear
of flying separate me from my mom and dad!
Therefore, I'll be home for Christmas!
And, pretty soon I'll be able to show you my most
favorite Lighthouse view from Pigeon Point!
Hatteras Light...
257 steps of mind-clearing, soul-calming therapy!
It's there for the taking if you need it. And, I...
Highly recommend it!
From bed to beach... That was our mission on this day!
Although we've crawled all over North Carolina's coastline since
relocating here from Monterey, Bald Head Island, Kitty Hawk
on the Outer Banks and Wrightsville still remain our favorites!
However, a trip to Kitty Hawk isn't complete
without a ferry ride to Ocracoke Island Village!
Not exactly where I'd like to ride out a
hurricane but on a clear, late-summer day like today...
Ocracoke Island will do just fine!
Last one on, last off... Fine with us!
The boys thought this was so cool!
Back and forth the ferries run...
No charge... Just drive up and float on over to the island!
Hitch-hikers of the feathered kind are encouraged and welcome too!
This was a great day!
Especially for sandbar parties!
Here comes the Frisco ferry and its headed straight for us!
Off the ferry and off to explore Ocracoke Island again!
Our first stop was of course, Ocracoke lighthouse!
So stinkin' cute!
Unfortunately, there are no tours allowed!
Still worth the effort to see and, it reminds me a little of Bug Light!
If I lived on Ocracoke Island, this would be my cottage!
It's perfect in that, Carmel-by-the-Sea way I love so much!
Suddenly, we realized we hadn't eaten all day!
So we stopped at SMackNally's where
they promise the best burgers on Ocracoke!
It never disappoints!
Pesto burgers devoured, we headed back to Kitty Hawk to check in...
By Ferry, of course!
Refreshed, relaxed...
And, frankly... Ready for a nap!
On the way back to Kitty Hawk from Hatteras we saw lots of familiar things...
Like this UFO house, which William thought was the coolest thing ever when
we first discovered it. Of course, we had to stop and take photos to e-mail him!
Since this trip was executed on a desperate whim without notice,
we settled for the first hotel that could deliver us a full ocean view!
Fortunately, this room with the perfect ocean view was delivered
by the nicest Hilton Garden Inn we have ever stayed in!
Our room was spotless...
On the top floor corner and very spacious!
And, it came with fantastic service!
Best of all, there is a terrific restaurant so we could park the Jeep and stay awhile!
After a shower and a nap we wandered out to the pier...
We watched a storm roll in over the beach...
And sat for a while, listening to the sweet music
of the crashing waves and the pounding rain!
We slept with the balcony door wide open to let the ocean breeze and sound
of the waves in... And, with the AC cranked down to 60 degrees, of course!
The next morning we walked the beach!
It was heaven!
We had the place all to ourselves!
Just as we ordered it!
And, needed it!
No... It's not Monterey. But this will do. Besides...
The water is much warmer!
And, these bioluminescent jellies take the place
of the sea kelp that litters my Asilomar beach!
The birds look the same though!
On our way back from our walk, the beach began to fill up...
Which was fine...
Because as much as we prefer to walk the beach alone...
Seeing this reminds us of what summer by the Atlantic shore is all about!
Little girls chatting side by side, sitting in the sand...
While young boys ride their boogie-boards!
After our breakfast...
We took our showers and another nap...
Then we reluctantly packed our bags...
Took another long, long look at the view...
And, headed down to drive on the beach to see the Wild Horses!
To see them you'll have to come on down yourself...
Or find another blogger who remembered to charge her
camera battery the night before she headed out to see them!
Trust me... It's well worth the wild ride you'll take along the beach!
After lunch at the Sanderling, which is where I most want to take
my mom and dad when they visit the Outer Banks with us, and a quick
charge of my camera battery, we walked over to view Currituck light!
If you're looking for a vacation spot where the beaches are incredible
and the lighthouse viewing is easy, you can't beat the Outer Banks!
In addition to Currituck, Hatteras and Ocracoke there's also Bodie!
Bodie is still on our list!
But for now... With my frame of mind
restored and armed with a fresh perspective...
I'm ready to get back home!


  1. You always have the most amazing photos of a part of our great country that I've never seen, but truly enjoy through your photography! This trip is now on my bucket list! Thank you for taking us on your get-away!

  2. What a wonderful way to end the summer. I am so glad you're going home for Christmas. It'll make this final deployment easier to endure. Soon the Ranger will be home and you'll be the mother of the groom, then grandma. The future looks bright indeed:)

  3. Hatteras is still my fav - has been since I was a kid. You took some awesome pics Janet!!! A tour of the outer banks is on my bucket list - and I hope to have the chance to climb to the top. Perhaps I should plan this trip when I can finally climb stairs work towards a goal. :D

    Space ship house - you need to check out the one on Palasades Drive on Signal Mountain in TN. Once upon a time the stairs were retractable...until they decided it was a fire code danger. It's still a cool house even if it is in on the busiest turns up and down the mountain.

  4. Love this post, Janet. So glad you had a good time and were able to put "dark thoughts" away for a while.

  5. Hey Janet, great photos, especially the sea coming up under the pier. I am so glad that you have decided to go home for Christmas. I know that you will have a wonderful time with your Mom and Dad and that they will love it too. Keep smiling and remember the sound of the sea, even if it isn't the sea you long for all the water goes around so it is the same sea in a way!


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