Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Spa Bath Update... Finally final!

Although I'm thrilled with our Blah-bath to Spa-bath
DIY project, there was one area I just couldn't get right...
While finding a storage cabinet for the tub and shower wall was
relatively painless, finding the right storage solution for the wall
by the sink proved to be a whole lot more difficult. Everything I
ordered on-line or dragged home was vetoed. All the wall cabinets
were too deep, which made the space feel tight. Finally, I ordered
this recessed medicine cabinet; however, when we opened the
wall, we discovered the studs were less than 16" apart. Sadly, since
the wall is load-bearing, there was no way we could make it happen!
After the wall was put back together and painted for a third time since
this project began, I was told to stop shopping because all he needs is
something to hang a towel on. The next day, I came home to find this!
That's when I threatened to renew my original plan to install a towel
warmer. You see, during the dream phase of planning this bathroom, I
spent a lot of time with where I fell in love with a
whole list of fun accessories for my new Spa Bath. Accessories such as
a television designed specifically for the bathroom and these amazing
Acova radiators. In fact, this one had my name on it! Warm towels
and a little extra warmth in the bathroom sounded like a good idea to
me. Add in the fact that won't be beaten on price,
has been in business for two decades and they offer quick delivery and,
I'm telling you, the order for a television and towel warmer was on!
But not wanting to hire another electrician, Army dad finally agreed to
toss his granny towel ring. He fixed the wall one more time and let me
take another stab at finding the perfect wall system to satisfy us both...
And, thanks to Pottery Barn's Jenner wall shelf, I did it!
It features a chrome mirror finish that matches the faucet on the great
sink I found, two thick tempered glass shelves to hold some of my bath
and beauty goodies and, there's even a few hooks for his hand towels!
It's exactly what we needed. Besides... Everyone,
knows soap love-birds can't perch on a towel ring!

Full disclosure: After stalking their website every evening for the past three months, asked me to share the good news of their products with you. Although I was compensated, all opinions expressed about them are absolutely my own. From furniture to faucets and everything in between, is the place to start your bathroom redo!  


  1. Ah...perfect. Simply perfect.

  2. Alas, we have granny towel go with all our other granny things in this house!

  3. Clever solution for your storage issues. What,no picture of the bathroom TV? lol I hate the granny rings also because for some unknown reason every where I've lived that had them prior to my arrival left a big hole in the wall I had to repair. I now have a three shelf, free standing wire unit that I love. Yes the hanger for my towel is on the side. Amazing storage unit and I love my rose canisters for those items that I want hidden.
    I know you're going to enjoy every moment spent in your new spa bathroom.


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