Saturday, March 23, 2013


SpaBoy, Mr. B and I all ran off to play in Charlotte yesterday...
After the sun went down we went to see Wicked! It was our second time but it
was SpaBoy's thirteenth time! And, when you've seen Wicked thirteen times like
he has, you develop friendships with some of the cast members! Being his friend
is pretty amazing every day but when we're at Wicked it gets just a little bit better
because when he gets invited to witness the Greenification of Elphaba... He takes me!
That's right! We were backstage and, standing in Elphaba's dressing room...
Witnessing Wicked magic!
To say it was spectacular fun to be included doesn't even begin to cover it!
See? I told you it was...
But the Greenification was just the beginning because the performance
was incredible. Again... Still... Always! Although it was our second time
and SpaBoy's thirteenth time, it felt like the first time ever for all of us!
If you're in or at all near Charlotte you'll want to hurry because Wicked
closes on March 31st. What's worse, this will be our favorite Elphaba's
final performance. For me, Christine Dwyer will always be the best Elphaba!
While I'm at work next week SpaBoy will be back to see Wicked one more time. And...
He's also attending Wicked After Dark! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with
the cast of Wicked and to bid on amazing prizes to benefit RAIN. Now, I happen to
know that the front row, center seat is sold but you can get another seat here 
What about you... Have you seen Wicked?
If you have, I'd love to know your favorite part!


  1. Wicked it on my MUST see list! My sister in law is IN LOVE with the Wizard of Oz, we were planning to go to NYC this year for her birthday to see this but time and money didn't work in our favor! How wonderful that you got to go back stage! awesome! Love the pics too!

  2. Hard to pick a favorite part when I love the whole thing, but I think, if pressed, I'd have to say "Defying Gravity"...when Elphaba ascends into the air on that final note, I get tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. It takes my breath away!

  3. Great photos, Janet! I ADORE the Wizard of Oz -- my favorite movie of all time. :) One of these days I'll get to see Wicked, too.

  4. Saw Wicked years ago and was absolutely enchanted! So glad you got a backstage visit!

  5. Haven't seen it yet :( What a fun experience you had backstage and again in the audience!


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