Friday, July 6, 2012

The City that Hanes and Reynolds Built!

Our day began at the Ford dealership where we got to see more than we ever
wanted to see under the hood of the truck we purchased a couple of months
ago to replace the one that was totaled... Unfortunately, we are learning the
hard and expensive way about two major design flaws in the engine Ford put
into the 2004-2008 Ford F-150 trucks. Had we known this, we wouldn't have
ever purchased this truck. Which ironically is the same thing the dealership we
bought it from said when I called last week to let them know what was going
on! The good news is that there was still 400 miles left on the warranty included
in the purchase so the replacement of the cam phaser that went in today will be
covered. After doing a little research and reading hundreds of complaints from
F-150 owners not so lucky to have a warranty to cover this, we feel truly grateful!
We're not so lucky where the second issue is concerned because replacement of the
crap spark plugs is not covered by the warranty. This is hugely disappointing since
Ford is very well aware of both defects and yet it refuses to issue recalls for either
issue. Ford has redesigned the cam phaser, and recommends replacing the super
poorly designed two-piece sparkplugs, which can blow out of the engine and/or
break off, causing catastrophic engine failure, with a one-piece spark plug by
Champion... But still, we're talking $4,000 on the low end and up to $7,500,
should you be one the unfortunate many that has to replace your engine!
At the moment things are a little up in the air for us... Thankfully, the man that sold us
the truck is a stand-up guy, so he may be willing to let us trade it for something else or
he might participate in paying for the repairs if we decide to keep it. I can't lie and say
this isn't bothering me. Not just because of the expenses, but also because with the
traveling we do to visit the Ranger, having a vehicle that won't leave us stranded is
very high on our list of must-haves! So we'll see. In the meantime, we had a bit of
fun tonight touring downtown via one very reliable, one-horse powered vehicle!
After dinner we took a carriage ride... Thankfully, it cooled off enough
to really enjoy it... Because nothing sucks the romance out of an evening
carriage ride more than rolling behind a horse's butt when it's 100 degrees!
Especially when you're put into the seats at the front of the carriage!
We enjoy exploring our downtown... There always seems to be something going on!
In the city that Underwear, Socks and Tobacco built!
Despite my disdain for cigarette smoke, the 1929 Reynolds building
is my favorite downtown building! Once the tallest building in the United
States south of Baltimore, it is best known as the predecessor and prototype
for the much larger Empire State Building built in 1931 in New York. It is very
accurately described here as a masterpiece in Art Deco design and detail, and I
could spend hours just wandering around its marble hallways or staring at it!
Until this evening, we had no idea there is still a train
that cuts straight through the heart of our downtown!
But there is!
Most of these abandoned factory buildings are being converted
now into really cool loft units! This particular old building used
to be the PH Hanes Knitting Company! Read more about it here
There's been a lot of talk lately...
Of turning the old Reynolds building into an upscale art deco hotel!
I say...
Check me in!
What about you... What do you love or find
interesting about your city where you live?


  1. Just so you know- I simply LOVE your blog!

    We live in a tiny city outside of a giant city of Indianapolis. I love the quaintness of our small town along with being close enough to go into the 'big city' when we want. We have a little farmers market downtown which I love- but the heat has kept us from so far this year.

    Mynde- (It's not near as interesting as yours though!)

  2. So sorry about the truck. What a pain in the butt. I sure hope they do right by you.

    Otherwise, I hope your summer is going well and that you are able to find peace here and there. :)

  3. Loved the pics of the Reynolds building... and the words 'art deco hotel' make me want to book a flight there NOW!

  4. Sorry to hear about your truck troubles. The salesman at Tilley's certainly seems to be trying his best for you.
    Your downtown looks lovely and I love the Reynold's bldg. It would make a gorgeous hotel wouldn't it.

    We live in the country but our little downtown is only about 7 minutes away and is beautiful. Full of old stone buildings, a gorgeous park with a river running through it that the kids are able to swim in and lots of cute little shops. There are no big box stores allowed in our town which suits me perfectly. Should we need to shop in any of them they are only an hours drive away. My town is quiet, friendly, very clean and always has something going on for the residents. We moved here 4 years ago from the *big city* and I don't miss the city in the least.


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