Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Garden and Cooking

Thunder just chased us out of the pool...
And, the roast I put in the crockpot
this morning is calling us inside too!
I'm not so much about the roast as I am about the red
potatoes that were dug up from the garden last night!
For me, summer cooking has two speeds. Grilling...
And, crockpot. For meals that cook themselves!
All these forces working against my efforts to remain outside aside, I
absolutely refuse to go until I capture these butterflies on the phlox
This is the best time of the phlox growing season!
And, the bees and butterflies agree!
It's good to know the heat and the humidity is good for something!
Because all it does for me is makes me wilt!


  1. Here is a ((hug)), Janet. My heart breaks for you. I hope a solution presents itself soon. Have you thought of an intervention of some kind? I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

  2. Sorry the thunder chased you out of the pool. Your phlox is so beautiful. No wonder the butterflies are all over it.The sweet nector is calling to them. We are finishing up the new potatoes here from my daughter's garden. She had so many from those few rows she planted. And there is nothing like making a meal from foods grown in your very own garden. For some reason it just makes it taste better. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in the garden. I'll be thinking of you with a prayerful heart.


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