Monday, July 16, 2012

If I couldn't do it... You probably couldn't either!

I was so very excited last January to win this contest with Liz...
Especially after I received my copy of Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, oh my!
and noticed this adorable no-bake Dog Pound Cake on page #65! Why?
Because I happen to have a boss who has a dog that looks just like this! She's
so sweet... Both my boss, and her dog! So since tomorrow is her birthday, I
decided it was high time to break out the book again and create this dog cake!
I've plotted and planned the project for weeks! I've also Googled high and low for
a real-life example to inspire me and perhaps help me avoid any pit-falls with
this project... But guess what? There isn't one on-line example that I could find!
I still cannot believe I'm the only one to blog this cake. So if you've created
it, have photos and/or have blogged about it, please let me know because I
would love to see it! Anyway, feeling totally on my own on this one, I read,
re-read, highlighted and measured out every step... Just to be absolutely
sure I was prepared. By the way... Jumbo spice drops are scarce in my
area so I suggest you skip the candy store and go to Rite-Aid first!
Initially, my angst appeared to be for not,
while my planning seemed to be paying off...
Because everything was coming together perfectly!
I tinted icing for those super-cute water and food dishes in the picture...
And, I dissected my pound cake with precision, using
exact measurements, as outlined in the directions!
First for the head...
Then for the tail...
Then, after all the pieces were assembled, it was time to...
Let the Dog out... Woof, woof!
However, just as I began to see this as the centerpiece
of the celebration I have planned for my boss tomorrow...
The wheels came off my little dog cake project...
Rather, the head came off my pound cake dog...
And, that... Well, that ruined everything!
Plan B will have me placing a rush-order
with my favorite bakery in the morning...
And by that time... My little raccoon family out in the
yard will have digested this most unfortunate epic fail!

Note: While it may appear from the photos that only the head fell off, (due to weight/not being attached far enough back onto the body) what actually happened is that the pound cake broke/sliced away/separated along the poke-holes made by the straws used to secure the head to the body of the cake - How to prevent this from happening is still a mystery to me. Peace and Love and, Happy Creating always!


  1. least the raccoon family will have a treat. So sorry to have all your hard work go out the window (so to speak). It had the potential to be a very special birthday for your boss. Cookies next time?

  2. How very sorry! It certainly was cute though and I bet your coworker will feel so blessed that you even tried and put so much time into it. In fact, I would have taken her the headless dog as a gift of sorts : )

  3. Oh gosh that's heart breaking. Did you use a cut down cardboard cake board to put the head on before using the wooden squewers to attach it onto the body? If not perhaps if you were to cut a rectangle cake board the length of the head and the part of the body piece where you would put the head, after your crumb coat,then put it on the body with the wooden squewers it would hold up and then you could decorate the cake to hide the cake board. Any way that's what I would do. It is a beautiful cake in the picture and you almost made it. All that hard work you put into it makes me wish it had turned out as you wanted it to. I had lots of those moments and learned from them. So try again til you find a way that works for you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh so sad!!! It looked adorable! Great job going for it and thanks for sharing, even if it didn't turn out as planned!

  5. So maddening and frustrating!! It was looking really good too until it came apart. I hope your boss sees this post and learns how much effort you put into her birthday celebration.

  6. Looks like the dog head wasn't out that far, in the picture it seems that only the area where the snout is comes out over the cake, maybe that's why it was so heavy? It did look great though! :)

  7. How about frosting under the head to cement it to the body and build out the legs more under the head to help support it from underneath. It may involve using a second pound cake to achieve the extra support from below. It sure was looking awesome.


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