Thursday, July 19, 2012


It was a beautiful day for a drive...
To join the male underwear team for their annual UNSAD work day!
UNderwear Summer Activity Day, that is! Last year we
were all UNSAD at the National White Water Center!
So fun! And this year, we were UNSAD...
Way up in the mountains of North Carolina! Along the way I had to stop to take
this photo because the last time I saw this gorgeous piece of pottery, it was being
auctioned off at one of the estate sales we attended last year! I remember highest
bidder telling me all about his plans to have it relocated to his home somewhere up
in the mountains near Boone. I had no idea I'd ever see it again but... There it is!
Anyway... We all met at Zaloo's Canoes just outside West Jefferson!
We could not have asked for better weather...
Or a better group of people to canoe the New River with!
We played canoe dodge ball and other games for prizes! And this canoe team
you're looking at... Which happens to be my canoe team, could not be beat. We
defended against fierce dodge ball competitors all the way down the river!
So fun!
We had the river all to ourselves all morning!
The scenery was spectacular...
And the two hours we paddled and played...
Went by in a flash!
Half way through the excursion we switched teams...
And, paddled on!
Now, you know that we've been on the New
River before but I think it's high time we went back!
I'm barely out of the shower after UNSAD 2012,
and I'm already looking forward to UNSAD 2013!


  1. That looks like so much fun. You work for an Awesome Company!!!
    Andrea in WA

  2. Your photos could be in a magazine. They are that great. They also make me feel better after looking at them. The one of the old mill has to be one of my favorites. As a child we shucked, shelled, and took corn to the grist mill and had the corn ground into grits (white corn) and corn meal (yellow corn). Glad you all had a fun time. Thanks so much for sharing your unsad time with us.


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