Monday, March 5, 2012

Carrara Marble Kitchen Island

I received this photo from Ann at Surface Products this morning along with a
little note letting me know the gorgeous slab of carrara marble I chose for my
kitchen island counter top project was on the move! Here, it's being hoisted
over to fabrication where it will be turned into my island counter top. The pieces
of blue tape have my name on them to indicate that area of the slab is mine...
All mine!

I've been a little busy this evening prepping my existing Corian kitchen island
counter top for delivery of my new carrara marble kitchen island counter top that
will soon cover it. You see, I am not having the Corian counter top removed from
my island so I want to ensure the new carrara top doesn't cause any damage. In
the event I decide to take the carrara with me if we move, or if I decide one day
to have a different island built for it. Or, say I lose my mind and decide creamy
white carrara really isn't for me. Yeah... Like that's ever going to happen!
I thought a lot about the best way to protect my Corian... First, I considered
having little rubber feet applied to the bottom of the marble with an epoxy
adhesive; but in the end, I wasn't sure the feet wouldn't just collapse under
the weight of the marble. Also, I don't want any visible separation between
the two tops... So I passed on feet. I also considered using the soft, no-slip
shelf liner I used to line my shelves and drawers but I worried the pattern
might imprint onto the Corian surface over time. Of course, one of the
many fantastic benefits of Corian is that it can be buffed out to look
like new. However, if I can avoid having to do that, I believe I should!
In the end, I chose to cover the Corian with this felt-backed vinyl I
found at Hancock fabrics. Priced just $6.99 a yard, I was able to cover
the entire island for less than the price of two rolls of shelf liner. The
felt backing protects my Corian beautifully and the vinyl top will grip
the carrara marble nicely. All in all, I think this is the perfect solution!
This time Wednesday evening there will be white carrara marble in my kitchen!
Speaking of white carrara marble... I get asked all the time how
close my Corian rain cloud comes to looking like carrara...
And the answer is... Judge for yourself!
After mentioning that this is the third time I've tweaked my kitchen to
update it and gain more work surface, I received quite a few e-mails asking
if I had any photos of the kitchen as we found it when we bought the house...
And, I do! I took this photo of the kitchen during our second visit to the house,
which was also the day we agreed to buy. That's my digital camera on the island,
along with a gift I brought for the owners of the house. Why I used my 35mm
to take photos of the house instead of my digital camera, I cannot tell you...
But what I can tell you is that right there is my current kitchen island in all its
former original glory. Another thing I can tell you is that seeing these photos again
still serves up an unhealthy dose of elevated blood pressure! Not only was the house
a disaster when we arrived following our 3,318 mile drive... The former owners went
completely out of their way to take advantage of the many kindnesses we showed
their family during the purchase and closing process. The ways we allowed them to
skate on misrepresentations they made cannot even be counted. But that's okay...
Because in the end, we chose this house only for the land it sits on. We knew not
too much inside the house would make the cut during our remodel anyway!
Besides, all we needed was what realtors refer to as the Good Bones in our new
home. Fortunately for us, good bones are impossible to sneak into a U-haul!
See you on Wednesday!


  1. Love, love, love your kitchen...and cannot wait to see the final installation!!


  2. You just keep making those good bones looking better with each project you do. I have been in love with your kitchen for a long time and each time I see the changes, I can't help but thinking you are a genius to come up with some of the ideas you do to make it gain more work room. Congratulations on an exact match to your Corian rain cloud. Looking forward to the finished project photos as I'm sure it will be amazing. Thanks for sharing your kitchen and home with us. It gives inspiration to help me make my home look better.

  3. Seeing your kitchen in so many (most) of your posts, I could not imagine it looking anything but the gorgeous room it is. The before pictures amaze me at how dark and depressing the room was before. I can't imagine having to spend a lot of time there but with what you have done with it since moving in...I can't imagine wanting to spend time anywhere else in that house, 'cept the livingroom, the outdoors, the.... :)

  4. Hello. I just read about your project; how did it finally turn out?


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