Saturday, February 25, 2012

Carrara Marble Perfection!

Yesterday turned out to be my day at
Surface Products in Cornelius, North Carolina!
Feast your eyes on the most beautiful examples of white carrara marble, Ever! By
luck, I found Ann and Brenda at Surface Products a few weeks ago - And after
just one phone call to describe my little project, they both seemed as excited about
covering my kitchen island in carrara as I was! Brenda immediately assured me
they had the carrara I'd love and she worked up a quote and faxed it to me so fast it
made my head spin. And by the way, this was the quote that beat all other quotes.
And, by carrara I'd love, she meant there were eight slabs to choose from. Eight!
No one else I contacted about my kitchen island carrara project has had
the 3cm carrara I've been after in stock. No one has offered to include sealing
and delivery without adding to the price and no one has been more eager to
deliver a perfect carrara countertop for my island than Ann and Brenda!
Oh! And, instead of calling it done after she faxed the quote, Brenda went the extra
mile to suggest I visit my carrara during their annual yard sale to take advantage
of an even lower price. Quick! Name the last time someone in the business to make
money offered to take care of you like that! Time's up... Now, let's look at some rock!
Have you ever seen more beautiful stone or a better selection? This isn't
the standard, cookie-cutter selection you usually find. Granite and even solid
surface counter tops have become somewhat ho-hum and boring. Everyone
seems to be choosing the same thing because the selections have become so
narrow and unimaginative. I saw options here I've never even seen in magazines
before. By collaborating with Ann about my vision I was able to select the piece
of carrara I'm confident will work with what I already have and, she suggested
an edge I hadn't considered before. Just to make my kitchen island a bit unique!
I've been hunting marble from Winston-Salem, north to Virginia and east
as far as Raleigh for more than a year... Fortunately, I didn't settle until I
looked south, towards Charlotte. I only avoided that area because I was
afraid they wouldn't deliver. But as it turns out, Surface Products has
the fleet, staff and best of all the desire to be in Winston-Salem all the time!
When I noticed this from across the yard I immediately rushed over to
take a closer look saying, Wow! Is that 5cm carrara? If it is, I want that!
But guess what!? It turned out to be MY COUNTER TOP! This is in fact the
same Corian Rain Cloud I chose for our kitchen almost three years ago!
Living with it every day (and loving it, by the way!) you forget what a truly great
option this is for those of us that really have/had our hearts set on carrara but
are smart unwilling to live with the fussiness that can be natural carrara marble!
I'm embarrassed to admit that wasn't the only time I mistook my Corian rain
cloud for carrara. Because when I walked back into the showroom to pay for
my order, I rushed over to this example there and once again said, Oh, I really
like that! Hello?! This is my Corian rain cloud again! But this time, I got to see
it fabricated around a stunning cast iron, under-mounted sink. Honestly, had I
known this was an option instead of the integrated sink I settled for, I might
have went in a similar direction and installed a nice, white cast iron sink too!

  Did you notice that the kitchen designers at Surface Products and I have
the same taste? How do I know? Because that's the same faucet I chose to pair
with my Corian rain cloud sink and counter tops! How fun is that? Speaking
of fun...  Take a look at this fabrication shop at Surface Products. Seeing
this, I have no doubt they will turn out a beautiful island top for me! Or...
Beautiful counter tops for you! Or an outdoor kitchen. Or a shower surround, bath
tub or vanity counter. Or anything else you can dream in granite, stone or marble!
Just don't forget...
To dream extra-big!
If you're in the market for granite, stone or marble you won't want to
miss this place near Charlotte in North Carolina. It's worth the drive!
You'll find the most beautiful natural rock Mother Nature has to offer, expert
Corian/solid surface fabrication and the Best-in-Class service everyone deserves!
Stay tuned...
Stunning white carrara marble for my island top is finally coming!
Another reason this Army Mom loves Surface Products can
be found here. I swear! It's like we were made for each other!


  1. Another great cause supporting the troops! Looking forward (breathlessly) to the finished island!

  2. Perfection is the right word! Can't wait to see it in place!

  3. I am SO glad you didn't settle! You would have kicked yourself for YEARS! This will make you happier:)

    I love the black granite with flecks of gold...that is my favorite. I just love granite the way YOU love your carrara marble. Can't wait to see your after picture!

  4. How absolutely divine to get what you want with all the ammenities included. Congratulations and can't wait to see it in place on your kitchen island.


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