Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ranger!

You came into the world five pounds of pure joy on a bright
spring morning in Monterey, California on March 10, 1988...
And without exception, you have been my constant source of Wonder...
Inspiration... And, Pride!
This is birthday number four that you have either been in basic training, #21
or deployed, #22, #23 and, now again on birthday #24. We are beyond ready
to celebrate with you again. Until then, stay safe and come home when you are
supposed to. Not a minute sooner, nor a minute later. We are waiting for you!

Happy Birthday, Moo... We love you! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your son. We are thankful for his sacrifice and service!

  2. Happy Birthday Ranger! So very thankful to you for serving our country!

  3. Oh, just two years older than Katie! What an amazing young man, and I too am so grateful for his strength, integrity and sacrifice!

  4. Happy Birthday, Brandon! Godspeed to you and all our women and men in uniform!

  5. Wishing Yhe Ranger a very special Birthday filled with many blessings and much love. And to thank him for serving our country so that we can all feel safe as we have become acustomed to here in the USA. Without our military to care for us this way, I'm not sure we could feel as safe as we do. So Thank You Brandon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  6. Hoping your (very handsome) Ranger had a wonderful birthday and know that the celebration waiting for him when he arrives home will be momentous! Keeping you all in our prayers.


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