Monday, December 27, 2010

The City by the Bay!

We're in the City by the Bay!
 Because we have a midnight flight home out of San Francisco...
Which means I've left both my hearts in San Francisco!
And, I left my considerable Wish-list on Union Square!
Oh... Make that three hearts!
I believe... Do you?
If not... This is the place to start!
All the favorites live here!
We arrived with one checked bag. And, we're leaving with two checked
bags. Plus two additional carry-on bags we hope USAir won't notice!
Which means there will be no shopping for me at Neiman's!
So after Union Square we wandered through China Town...
And then we hiked up and over to Powell...
And, then back down again!
We saw the Transamerica Pyramid again!
Then we watched the sunset on Union Square
 When you're in San Francisco, there's no mistaking it!
We worked up quite an appetite on our hike so we headed to Fisherman's Wharf
For dinner!
Best sourdough bread, Chowder and sandwiches in San Francisco!
Who knew?
Next time we chat, it'll be on East-coast time. Until then... Sleep tight!

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  1. This post makes me miss SF. I took some similar photos when we were there. I saw them putting the boughs on the tree in union square. And we stayed in one if the hotels on the square. And we shopped and shopped in the same area.... Ahhh, love it!


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