Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Farewell Asheville... Hello Bake It Pretty!

It was a Beautiful morning to wake up in Asheville! We
enjoyed a very yummy breakfast with a fabulous view!
The only downside to this beautiful Anniversary morning at
the Grove Park Inn was knowing that we had to check out!  
But before we did, one last visit to the Spa and pools was a must!
I do believe I'm going to miss part this the most!
Thank goodness Asheville is nearby! This was our best Anniversary trip yet... And,
we've enjoyed plenty of amazing anniversay vacations... Cabo, San Luis Obispo and the
Hearst Castle, Vegas and Tahoe, just to name a few. But nothing compared to this! 
Last night we showered at the spa and then soaked in the tub in our room!
I've almost convinced him that this is the tub we need to
order for the bathroom remodel we have planned at home!
This morning I skipped the shower at the spa to take
advantage of the shower options in the room! Option one...
Option two...
And, option three... Of course, I couldn't choose so I enjoyed them all!
After an hour in the shower it was time to pack up,
and leave Club Level at the Grove Park Inn behind...
And warm ourselves by the lobby fire one last time, before...
Braving the cold outside to head back home... And, to get
back to our sweet Bing-kitty who was waiting for us!
Before I forget... The last stop on my long list of places to shop in Asheville was
Bake It Pretty! I've been following Amanda's blog for so long, and have loved
everything I've purchased on-line... So I couldn't wait to pop into her new shop!  
And, it did not disappoint! The shop is charming, and filled with the finest baking
supplies and other goodies! Sadly, I didn't get the opportunity to meet Amanda but
her lovely sister, Kristina waited on me. She even offered to pull things from stock
in the back room if there was anything I've seen on-line not out on the shelves.
There were a few things... However, thanks to Kristina, I got them all!
See that super-Cute gumball machine by the door? I so want one!


  1. Oh, HOW fun!!!

    And, Janet, not only do I want to come to your house to live, not I want to travel with you.....in STYLE! ;)

  2. Looks like you had a great trip!! I'm soo jealous :)

  3. Glad you had such a good trip. As often as I go to Asheville, I've never been to "Bake it Pretty." I'll definitely drop by.

  4. You had such amazing trip...next time can I come with?

  5. oooh, that spa is amazing. I want that tub too! Best anniversary ever? You deserve it!

    What a cute bake shop. That pink and cream floor is a nice touch too. I wanna know what you bought!


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