Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday... And, the ducks are back!
It was an early morning. We woke Bing up at 5AM
on our way to Sunrise service at Old Salem
So he needs a nap now!
This is my idea of a Neighborhood watch! 
Watching for new Blossoms!
And fat Bumblers!
There are a lot of Bumblers to watch!
I love crabapple blossoms as much as they do!
Let's stroll!

The pool is uncovered, the Sprinklers are clicking away... it's Spring!
Here come the Trees!
I meant to show this to you sooner but it slipped my mind... I picked
up this little red Well pumper at the last auction. It's so cute. And,
so heavy! Haven't found a place for it yet, so on the Deck it sits!
All of the Japanese maple trees are coming back!
Sitting in the sunshine with the Tulips,
trees and lush, Green grass. I love my view!
It's been a perfect way to spend Easter Sunday!


  1. Everything looks so pretty and green :)Spring has sprung and I love the ducks!

  2. Hope you had a nice Easter Janet!! your yard is so beautiful!♥

  3. Those are big fat fuzzy bees!

    I want to come visit you just so I can take pics of your bleeding heart. so pretty.

  4. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! I would probably never leave home if I were you! :)


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