Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a Gardener. Not a Farmer, he said...

So we were walking around the gardens tonight having our Usual argument
about chickens. I spoke to the chicken Coop contractor this afternoon
so I was doing my best to Convince my sweetie that we needed to take
a ride tomorrow to see the second Option for the coop I'd really like
to buy. I think the first option we found is perfect but he believes
it's too big and said $2,300 is a bit much. So this option #2 is a
thousand dollars Less and smaller. But he's not excited about
chickens like I am. He said, I'm a Gardener, not a Farmer! 
But really... How hard can it be to keep a few chickens? I even
have names picked out for them. I want three Hens and I want
to name them after Republican first ladies. I'm even willing
to feed them, water them and... No. I think that's it. Feed
and water. Oh! And photograph! And, collect their eggs! 
Look at this... This was the front yard just three weeks ago
And this is the front yard tonight. Lovely, isn't it?
I think so! I also think this cutie needs a little
up-lighting at night. He said he'll get Right on it!
My Mother's Day azaleas are about to burst!
But they always wait until Mother's Day!
This snowflake Viburnum is putting on quite a show right now!
And the Wisteria on the arbor here...
Is full of Blooms! Any day now...
I'll be sitting on the bench Sniffing up the wisteria!
And taking in the View!
I appreciate the view!
I love Hostas!
And my fish! We visited with Marsha at Marsha's Koi last
weekend. He went for fish food. I went for new Fish - We both won!
I got another Freckles and a new Nemo! He says we're at capacity
for fish. I say there's Room for more. Think fish-bunkbeds!
Why do my trees have Faces on them? So
they can Communicate with one another, silly!
This is Walter down by the pond
He's got a great view!
Can you count the number of Different shades of green?
I lost count too!
It's a great Hobby though!
Where are my Scissors when I need them?
Next to hostas, Ferns fascinate me the most!
This Lady in Red fern grows up from a perfect ring
Ahhhhhh.... Friday!
We don't have to set the Alarm clock tonight!
This area near the rose arbor where he planted several new Japanese
maples last autumn is quickly becoming my favorite Spot to stroll!
You already know how I feel about this Arbor and rose...
I could pitch a little tent right here and Spend the night
under this arbor. Of course, as soon as the Critters
came out to forage I'd have to run back into the house!
Around the back of the pool we have his beautiful Azalea hill!
Poor guy! He tried to grow azaleas for me in California for seventeen
years. He insisted they would be beautiful and would Bloom their
little heads off. I could never figure out his Fascination with those
 those ugly, Crispy little brown bushes he always ended up with!
But here in North Carolina, he grows every variety
of azalea with the tremendous Success he deserves
I'm a huge fan of his Azaleas now. Especially this purple one!
This snowball viburnum falling over the Pool fence is heavenly!
They are So soft... They should really be called Cotton ball viburnum!
I see some of these making it into a Vase tomorrow afternoon!
Look at that!
Even his Sky Pencils are multiplying...
Just look at this adorable Volunteer!
You know - I do realize he's Right
He is one amazing Gardener!
But I really want chickens! So don't count me
out... I may just make a Farmer out of him yet!


  1. Those look like hydrangea. Are they in the same family? I would love some of thos in a tortoise shell vase. sigh!

    His garden in GORGEOUS!

  2. I am glad I got to see your yard/garden in person. It was more beautiful than I imagined. I love love love it! Now if Terry could teach Paul how to get our grass looking that good!


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