Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Weekend!

We're off to Charlotte this
afternoon. But before we go...
A stroll in the Garden is required!
My beautiful yellow Rambling rose on the arbor popped!
These were hiding under the Ivy at Spa-boy's house...
They've come here to Enjoy our garden now. Looks
like there were just Enough of them for his new path!
The azalea garden behind the pool is Popping too!
This purple one is my All-time favorite!
This Japanese maple was but a tiny Twig last year when I
picked her out... An expensive twig. But just Look at her now!
Maybe she's trying to catch Up with this one!
She is truly the Showpiece of the front yard!
And I love her!
Someone passed his official Master Gardener exam this week... But
he's been passing my Personal Gardener exams for a very long time!


  1. Your property (gardens) are beautiful already so they must be stunning in the summer! Congratulations to your Master Gardener Volunteer!

  2. Good morning!
    Oh this is a GORGEOUS garden...
    What a pleasure it must be to stroll through your yard!
    Your plants are magnificent! Your commentary about the Japanese maple makes for great reading!

    The natural stepping stones using tree slices... so wonderful~
    I'm so glad I stopped over this morning... what a lovely landscape to behold ~ enjoy your blessings!

  3. Every time you post pictures of your garden, I just want to lie in the grass and take a nap in the sun. It is truly spectacular.

    Congrats to your Master Gardener!! What a great accomplishment.

  4. Beautiful! Your yard is amazing. I have a great idea. You should have a drawing like Pioneer Woman. Choose 4 lucky people (of course, I would be one of them...ha) and we'll all camp in your backyard. Then we can have a cookie workshop in the morning and then roll up our bed rolls and head out. We'll call it Cookie Camp. What do you say? Ha! I think it is a pretty good idea. Hmmmm. :) Congrats to Terry!

  5. Congratulations to Terry! I am very impressed. Those stepping stones are great! Next time I come to your house I want a tour of your yard, it is beautiful.

  6. Your garden is gorgeous!!! Hope you are having fun in CLT :)

  7. He is a garden master! There's proof in every photo of your lawn that you post.


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