Sunday, August 6, 2017

Master Bathroom Remodel - A little Bling and a Lesson Learned!

With tiling on hold until the carrara marble for the wall
and vanity is delivered, focus shifted to a few of the details...
The vanity wall was grouted to finish it off so that we could install the
wall scone. As you already know, I fretted a lot over the grout color... I
wanted gray for contrast and because it's less likely to stain and yellow
like white grout tends to do over time - But I also didn't want it to look too
busy. Since the grout I chose for the hex tile floor in the powder room is
perfect, I thought the decision was made. But since contractor #2 insisted
on using a grout he preferred to work with, I had to revisit the color choices
for that other brand. He told me their warm gray was the perfect match for
Power Grout's Platinum; however, after he put it down on the floor, I knew
he was wrong. So after he quit, I took the unopened tubs back and exchanged
them for Mapei's Silver, which turned out to be the match I was looking for!
I usually recommend you don't get hung up and stressed out over a
crooked tile here or a crooked tile there because grout covers all sins...
However, when you're using a grout color a bit darker than
your tile, your tiles must be straight or your grout lines won't be!
Fortunately, hubby got the memo!
Everything was going along great until he asked me if I
wanted to help by installing the new switch and outlet covers...
Note to self... You no longer live in an earthquake zone; so there's no
reason to crank down on screws to secure things until your tile cracks!
Lesson learned! Nevertheless, and despite being in the doghouse this morning...
My sweet handyman kept his promise to install the wall sconce!
It's the Mercer Single Tube Sconce from Pottery Barn and I feel
so fortunate to have found it at the Outlet in Gaffney for half price!
It's just the perfect choice for this classic bathroom renovation!
It's timeless and beautiful...
And, it's going to look ah-mazing with
the Kensington mirror I picked out!
I love it! And, the best part is that I was able to help install it and
the new switch plate cover without cracking any tiles! On we go...

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