Saturday, August 12, 2017

Master Bathroom Remodel - The Last Tile is Set!

Well, hello!
Happy Friday, kittens... I hope you had an amazing week!
I bet you're wondering how the
master bathroom remodel is going. Well...
In my last post here, I shared with you the process of having the
Carrara marble installed for the shower wall and my custom vanity...
It was a big deal; because until the marble was set, we were at a stand-still
where the tile was concerned. I was very excited to come home from work
yesterday to see how well the tile was set around the vanity and shower wall!
Clearly, my sweetie brought his A-game! I mean, just look at how
beautifully he closed the tile around the marble on my vanity top
and the shower wall. No paid contractor could have done as well!
I am so eager to get back into my bathroom. Especially to have my toilet
set back into its little spot. Now that the wall is tiled, I'm one step closer!
I took the day off today to offer my input for tiling the front and
back of the shower wall and around the niches inside the shower...
But I really should have known better, because
he really does have this project well under control!
I'm really glad I didn't listen to that first contractor I hired that told me
no one is using cove base (baseboard) tiles anymore with tiled walls...
Although I know many take subway tile straight to the floor, I think the
cove tile really helps anchor the wall to the floor for a more finished look!
I also think the small transition (swoop) that's along the bottom
of cove base tiles will make it easier to keep the floor clean!
I was so excited to see this wall finished and how well my darling husband
cut the tile to fit around the marble, I was ready to jump into the shower!
But... There was (still is) plenty of work left to do before that can happen!
We both anticipated the niches being a challenge to tile because of the
crappy way the wall was built and the niches were framed by that first
contractor I hired to set the shower floor. Although my husband planned
to do it, the contractor said there wasn't enough cheese (money) in it to
make laying just the shower floor worth his time. So he offered to frame
the wall, including the niches I had sketched out and hang the tile board
needed throughout the shower. After he finished and admitted that the
wall didn't quite come out right is when he offered to do the whole job
for a few thousand dollars more. Feeling I had no choice, I agreed to his
terms; however, he must have come up with another (better paying) gig
because he dragged me around for three+ weeks saying he was too sick
to work and then, he quit altogether. Now, I don't want to think that he
intentionally messed up the wall to make it so that I had no choice but
to hire him to fix it during the process of tiling... But that sure is how it
seems. Nevertheless and despite the shoddy workmanship on this wall...
The amazing tile guy I just happen to be married to, got to work!
And, although not much about these niches was square, plumb
or straight, he made the cuts and adjustments necessary...
To get the job done!
I'm so happy I planned for this foot niche! And, while the contractor
that framed this wall and these niches totally made this one too tall...
It provided the perfect spot to leave this little bonus for my tile guy to find!
All the frustrations of this project aside...
We are both quite pleased by the way it turned out!
Everything I planned for this bathroom remodel turned out better than
I imagined! I am in love with the custom furniture, the monogram I put
into the Carrara marble mosaic on the floor and all the fixtures too!
However... Although the last piece of tile has been set, we're still not done!
The tile still needs to be grouted and then... There's all this stuff to install!
If I'm being perfectly honest, I really don't want him drilling into my
beautiful new subway tile to hang any of it! But, I also know that
without a showerhead, my new shower won't be much use to me!
Over at the vanity, there's still the faucet and drain to connect into
the plumbing under the sink. And then, there's the organizing!
When I designed this vanity, I added this shallow drawer to the top
of my drawer stack to hold all my dailies... I wanted everything I
need to get ready in the morning; my hairbrushes, facial cleaners,
lotions, make-up and perfume to be in one spot and easy to locate!
And, since my new vanity stands nearly 40" tall, I could do a 4th drawer!
My carpenter didn't quite understand it... But I did! On Monday
my sweetie will grout and I will begin clearing out drawers in our
bedroom and closet to relocate everything I didn't have space for in
the bathroom into my new custom vanity and storage cabinets. Since
I'm out of shelf liner and in need of more organizers, I'll get those too!

Next time we chat, I should be able to show you some of the chrome
pieces on the walls. I'm so excited to see the mirror go up and
to finally get into my new bathroom. I hope you'll stay tuned!

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