Thursday, August 3, 2017

Master Bathroom Remodel Part V - Almost too Good to be True!

It's truly amazing how far a girl can get in a week with a man
that really wants to work... It's practically too good to be true!
If you read my last post here, then you already know that we turned a major
corner last week in the remodel of our bathroom after the 2nd contractor I
hired bailed because he said he was afraid of making any more mistakes...
I went from being completely frustrated and unhappy... Almost regretting
ever starting this; to being completely happy and excited about the project
again after my husband took over! I cannot wait to get home from work
every day to see the progress; and, today was no exception! Get this...
Although the vanity wall hasn't even been grouted yet, he wanted to show
me how well he set and adjusted the outlet to ensure the cover fits perfectly!
I know that might not seem like a huge deal; but to me it is. Mostly because I
paid two different contractors to adjust two crooked and loose outlets set into
the subway tile backsplash in the kitchen and neither of them could ever get
them right. It wasn't until recently, after we had the new floors put in and
remodeled the powder room and I changed all the outlet covers that I was
able to work on them myself to get them tightened up and set level and even
with the tile. So having these outlets in my new bathroom set straight from the
get-go is a detail I really appreciate. Honestly, there's a lot I appreciate here...
Especially my new vanity and storage cabinet!
I swear, I am going to love this piece of furniture for the rest of my life!
Another thing I am going to love forever...
Is this shower!
Removing all that glass block has really opened up the shower...
I'm excited about being able to see out over the bathroom and,
I'm excited about the niches that will hold shower products too!
The first thing every contractor that's seen my bathroom has asked
is, Where's the shower head going to go? because they all assume
we forgot to plumb for the shower head. But there was no forgetting
anything... Because I knew before the bathroom was even ripped
out that I wanted an exposed thermostatic shower valve system!
And, that's exactly what I got!
I cannot say that I'm not a little nervous about how it's all going to
come together; however, I know it will... Because when it comes to tiling
and plumbing, my sweet husband has always known what he's doing!
So that's where we are today... I'm excited for this weekend when some of the
goodies will go in. I'm looking forward to having the mirror and scone go up
on the vanity wall... And, I am especially looking forward to next week when
the carrara marble for the vanity and wall will be delivered/installed!
To all of you following this remodeling adventure, thank you for your
kind words of support. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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