Friday, February 24, 2012

Pottery Barn Outlet, Gaffney!

Every stop at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney, South Carolina begins here
in the clearance corner. Specifically, in the linen bins where I often find the
absolute best deals on the Pottery Barn pillow cases and duvets I love so very
very much. This is also where you'll find outdoor furniture covers, pillows,
lots of Pottery Barn kids stuff, as well as monogrammed items PB takes back
in returns. But mostly, I am digging for pillow cases and duvets back here!
And boy did I hit pay-dirt today! Full retail on this duvet is $199.oo!
I found three king size duvets and these two euro shams too!
I also dug up six king size pillow cases at only $1.97, each!
I scored... Again!
Over here where the non-clearance duvets live is where the
true benefit of all that digging I did becomes crystal clear!
And, where you see what a huge deal I also got...
On those king size pillow cases! And those
euro shams were an even bigger bargain!
Now I love the bar stools under my kitchen island,
but these beauties had me thinking long and hard!
Really long and hard!
And, when I realized there were three,
it became even tougher to walk away!
Honestly, it's tough to walk away for lots of reasons here!
I cleaned out the duvet/pillow case bin while SpaBoy scooped up all
kinds of goodies for the spa room he's just created in his home!
He found this gorgeous brushed nickel mirror to
put in the bathroom and then we focused on vanities!
As much as we both favor carrara, we agreed this
trough sink option was best for the spa room bath!
Seeing this made me think of mom and dad. During their drive down to Atlanta
for their flight home following their visit with us last August, I convinced dad
to stop in Gaffney so mom could experience the PB Outlet. She called me from
this spot really excited about it, but she said she was especially excited about
this cocktail table. Mom said she was sorry she couldn't carry it on with her!
By the way... If you are expecting a baby or have little people at home and
you love Pottery Barn kids stuff, this is the corner of the PB outlet for you!
I always check out this corner for the headboards
and bed frames but tell me... How sweet is this crib?!
During our trip to Leesburg after Christmas I learned the PB Outlet there
was closing forever on January 22nd. If that happened in Gaffney, I would cry!
While staging a fierce protest!
Sofas, sectionals, chairs and media consoles. Oh, my!
SpaBoy and I had a fantastic time today and I want you to know that I did
not come home with one of these beautiful mercury glass cake stands!
I really wanted to, but I resisted. Mostly because I ordered
this one last night after seeing it pinned by Bridget!
Lack of new PB cake stand aside, I'm so happy with my pillow case and duvet haul!
Especially since two of the duvets were marked $34.97 so the cashier adjusted
them all to $34.97. I spent less for all the bedding I got than 1 duvet at full retail!
If you want Pottery Barn bargains, the Outlet in Gaffney is the place to go!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a successful shopping expedition! You shop just like I do, and I almost felt like I was there with you!


  2. Why why why is the closest one to me still so far away??? :( I need to be teleported!

  3. I love that vanity that he got! Do you remember how much it was? Thanks again for all the info on Rain Cloud yesterday!

  4. I've been drooling over that exact same bathroom vanity! Wish we had an outlet near us!

  5. I love this post & I'm so happy I found your blog! Great content! I'm hoping to take the 2.5 hour drive down to Gaffney soon and find pieces for my apartment. I know it's been a year, but do you remember the ballpark prices of the furniture (sofas, desks, chairs, coffee tables)?

  6. Hi! Would you be able to let me know if they offer delivery from the outlet? or if there any delivery services around we can contact? Thanks!

    1. Hello Pretty Mika!

      Good news! Shipping for your purchases at the Pottery Barn Outlet is available!! However, to have items shipped, you must be in the store to purchase them. If I can help you, please let me know!

      Best wishes,



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