Sunday, August 20, 2017

Master Bathroom Shower Niches

Following last week's wrap-up post for our Master Bathroom
Remodeling Project here, I heard from several readers asking about
the "small hole" near the floor of my shower and how it might be used...
While it's not meant to hold product, I can assure you this smaller
niche built into the shower wall does hold a very important purpose!
You see, it's a ladies shower foot niche!
It replaces the edge of the bathtub when there's no bathtub to support
your foot while you shave your legs - And, I love it! For my height, (5'8")
it was placed a perfect 18" up from the floor. It was something we didn't
consider during the last remodel of this bathroom but swore I'd do it,
every time I hoisted my legs three feet in the air to rest my foot against
the narrow ledge built in to hold my product bottles. I am loving my new
shower and I think every girl should have a foot niche of her very own!


  1. Could you share the size of your foot rest? Great idea - and I am doing one now. :).

    1. Hi there! That one was roughly 9” across and 8” tall. We recently moved into a new home and the new one (we just finished) is 12” across and only 7” tall. The size of the opening isn’t important thought... the most important measurement is height from the floor, where you feel comfortable or would normally raise your leg to shave. I find the same height as the side of a bathtub to be most comfortable, which is between 18-20” high. Hope this helps!

  2. You are a genius ! We are doing a addition master suite right now. Bathroom is in the designing phase , I'll have to incorporate this idea !

  3. We are building a new house and are putting in a long rectangular niche for soaps, etc., and we just added a foot niche! I wasn't sure yet of the positioning so thank you for the mention of yours being 18" from the floor. I am a bit shorter than you but that gives me something to start with. Best!

  4. Great Idea! I'm going to add this to my new shower!


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