Sunday, August 20, 2017

Master Bathroom Shower Niches

Following last week's wrap-up post for our Master Bathroom
Remodeling Project here, I heard from several readers asking about
the "small hole" near the floor of my shower and how it might be used...
While it's not meant to hold product, I can assure you this smaller
niche built into the shower wall does hold a very important purpose!
You see, it's a ladies shower foot niche!
It replaces the edge of the bathtub when there's no bathtub to support
your foot while you shave your legs - And, I love it! For my height, (5'8")
it was placed a perfect 18" up from the floor. It was something we didn't
consider during the last remodel of this bathroom but swore I'd do it,
every time I hoisted my legs three feet in the air to rest my foot against
the narrow ledge built in to hold my product bottles. I am loving my new
shower and I think every girl should have a foot niche of her very own!

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