Friday, February 7, 2014

Baking up Valentine's Day Cookies!

Oh, boy, Oh, boy, Oh, boy! It's finally that time of year again!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time for me
to become reacquainted with my most favorite set of cookie cutters!
It's also time to break out the to-me-from-me Christmas gift I've been dying
to try! I know collecting mixers like I collect Martha by Mail cookie cutter
sets seems a bit nuts, but when I saw this mixer on the cover of the WS catalog
just before Christmas, it was a must have! Besides, I had a few gift cards, plus...

There was a rebate, which made it practically free to me!
Sadly though, after using it today I realized there are just too many features
of my 7-quart Cuisinart stand mixer missing from this pearly KA beauty...
So it won't be replacing my Cuisinart for cookies any time soon. First,
Kitchenaid has yet to offer a scraper paddle attachment for this model, and
while the wider bowl makes it easy to add ingredients, the splash guard, or
as I refer to it, the Poof-guard on my Cuisinart is also sorely missing!
All that aside, it's still pretty enough to keep. Oh...
How I love the smell of vanilla beans and butter!
By the way, if you love this puffy heart as much as I do, you'll be happy to
know that my friend Dani Fiori, of Sweet Dani B has designed one for us
she calls Bubble Heart - And, it's available from CopperGifts right here!
As you know, I've been a little off the grid since returning from my trip home
at Christmas and our impromptu beach jaunt just before New Year's; but do
rest assured that I appreciate your notes of concern and, I've missed you too!
There isn't anything earth-shattering going on... Just lots to do at the Dream-job
and horribly cold weather... Without snow I might add, has slowed me down a bit!
Oh! I'm also very grateful to say that I been busy putting together
and shipping new Oui,Sugar! cookie decorating kits too!
So thank you for your kind support and... For your orders!


  1. I hope to fill my counter with cookies (and dog biscuits) today, Janet! My little boys are here today and have become expert "sprinklers"...which may be the only decoration some of them get! I do have some buttercream, in two flavors, ready for some frosting roses, but won't be requiring their help with those!
    Can't wait to see your finished products; they are always such a delight. I'm so glad to have you back; I miss you when you don't post!

    1. Oh, Nancy, lucky you!! I cannot wait to see YOUR cookies too!!

      Thank you for being such a wonderful friend - I promise to post more. Just for friends like you! xo

  2. Can't wait to see how you decorate your beautiful heart cookies! Wonder what your color palette will be this year? I love the little heart cut outs too! Ooooo that pearly finish on your new KitchenAid mixer is gorgeous! Good to know they don't make the scrapper paddle or splatter shield for this model though. I thought I was going to have to ship my KA mixer out for service, but the folks at KA customer service talked me through the repairs over the phone! All I needed was a flat head screw driver and a dime! Well worth the call.

    The Vintage Valentine card is just divine! Where ever did you find that sweet gem? Just puts a smile on my face!

    I'm headed over to OuiSugar to check out your newest offerings! Love, love, love your online shop!

    1. Thank you, Leah! I do love it but I think this mixer is destined for cake batter and brownies. :( Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear that KA was so helpful in resolving your repair issue!!

      I found the vintage Valentine card at an antique shop and wouldn't you know... It was marked NFS (not for sale) - So... When the shopkeeper wasn't looking, I grabbed a pillowcase from a nearby booth and set up a quick backdrop on which to photograph it to stage a "virtual purchase" if you will!

      Thank you (a million times) for your kind words and support of Oui, Sugar! xo

  3. Lovely as always to see your posts Janet!! Keep taking care of yourself. xx

  4. I adore this!
    I love your Decoration.
    I love the choices you picked and I would be happy to make any one of them.
    Thanks for Sharing.


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