Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All that Begging for one decent Snow paid off!

Finally! All that begging for one decent snow this winter paid
off, because it's snowing! Would have been nice around New Year's
while I was on vacation from work. But that's okay... I'll take it now!
By the way... This is why girls never get rid of shoes! Because we never know
when that great pair of Dexter's our dad bought us at the Ft. Riley PX on the
way out of town to go skiing in Colorado back in 1983 might come in handy!
They are most definitely coming in handy this afternoon!
The roads coming home were parking lots! Fortunately we made it
because guess who is on day seven of the Master Cleanse and had two
cups of smooth-move tea just before she left the office? Yes, really! But it
all worked out and now I'm looking forward to an evening in this baby!
Speaking of babies... The birds are all over the feeders right now!
I love birds. Especially in the snow!
This one seems to be saying Thanks for filling the feeders this morning!
You are so welcome my feathered sweets!
It's been snowing for a less than two hours now...
And, it looks like we have almost...
Three inches and, it's still coming down - Yea!
Hey! There's snow in my eyes, can you help me out here?
Last night I came home to tulips because my love said he's afraid there
might not be any flower shop deliveries possibly on my Valentine's Day
due to the snow! Here they are in the living room with the fireplace on...
And, here they are this evening without the fireplace on!
It's cold. It's snowing. And, I love it!


  1. It might have taken a while, but it was worth the wait!! xx

  2. Happy snow day!!! Now that you got your snow - can we have spring already??? :P This snow has left us in the dark - over 25,000 without power this morning - still 14,000 in the dark tonight. It was beautiful - but I am glad to see it go. All I kept picturing with me falling in the slick wet thank you.


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