Saturday, February 8, 2014

40-day Master Cleanse

I finished 2013 feeling emotionally better than I have in nearly five years. After welcoming our Ranger back from his fifth and last deployment and spending nearly two weeks at home with my parents at Christmas... Life was great! 

However, physically, I finished 2013 feeling worse than I can ever remember feeling in my life. Now, you won't catch me making any excuses; after all, no one forced me to eat all the crap I ate. But there was a reason I switched from over-exercising two years ago to over-eating and, the reason is that stupid Achilles injury I suffered a year ago. It side-lined me not only physically, it side-lined me mentally too. 

After working up to three hours of spin classes a day, in addition to an hour each of yoga and water aerobics, suddenly I was down for the count. I was moving less than my 72-year old mother and feeling every bit my age and hers combined! 

Although my Achilles is still not quite 100%, I am back to remembering what it feels like not to live every day of my life in agonizing pain. So... Short story long, I got my life back with a big helping of horrible eating habits and an addiction to Taco Bell to go with it!

While I've made a few attempts at getting things back under control through strict calorie control, I realized that what I really need to break this cycle of binge eating I developed is to break up with food completely!

But how? I already know from Catholic school that prayerful fasting during Lent only works for a couple of days before you fall over in gym class... And, I've done the CLEAN detox cleanse but found keeping up with all the supplements exhausting. So I turned to the Master Cleanse. 

I've been wanting to do the Master Cleanse since before BeyoncĂ© and Yolanda Foster brought it back into vogue but it wasn't until I watched this video by Abigail that I became sufficiently inspired to take the plunge!

Two weeks ago, I began slowing down my digestion to avoid failure due to the cold-turkey-crash most people fall victim to by cutting back on the Taco Hell and caffeine. 

Then, feeling totally ready, I skipped over to my local Whole Foods last Thursday for everything needed to embark on the Master Cleanse!

Of course, Whole Foods didn't make it easy on me! On top of the fact
that their organic lemons looked a week past due for composting,
their desserts near the registers kept making eye contact with me!
Nevertheless, I persevered and after a quick stop at The Fresh Market
for organic lemons that actually resemble lemons, I was all set to begin!
Not going to lie... I'm a little freaked out by what
it takes to make our non-organic food bionic!
So here we are!
It's day three of 40 and all is well. Except for a nasty dream about food last
night, I'm feeling pretty good. Empty in a good way and clear-headed! The
lemonade tastes really good, although I've had to back off on the cayenne a
little because I'm a weenie when it comes to spicy things. I've yet to do the
salt-water flush, but it's on my list for tomorrow morning... Wish me luck!


  1. I did a "whole foods" cleanse 5+ years ago and have incrementally changed our family's eating since. We have benefited from the whole foods and limited processed foods that we eat.

    Let me know if you would like some great recipes that taste amazing!!


  2. Here's to living a healthy lifestyle in 2014! You Go Girl! Thank you Janet for inspiring all of us to get back on track and put ourselves and our health first! As mom would always say.....Sock it to it, you can do it!

  3. Promise me you'll be careful with this. No protein? No food? I would worry about muscle breakdown, especially your heart. Of course I wish you the best possible outcome with this, just listen to your body. I guess I'm always leery of any plan that requires complete removal of any of our food sources. Perhaps I need to read more about the Master Cleanse. Good luck, my friend.

  4. I am on day 12 of the master cleanse. So far so good. The real "cleansing" for me did not happen until day 10. I hope to make it 40 days unless my body tells me otherwise. Right now my tongue is still white so I know I'm still detoxing


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