Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Cookies... Decorated!

While old-man winter was busy having a second go at us this week...
I was warm and cozy inside, keeping busy with my Valentine's Day cookies!
As I decorated, I couldn't help but think how I must be the only person, in
the history of the Master Cleanse to spend day eight covered in royal icing!
However, that's exactly what I did! I broke out
my trusty cookie decorating squeeze bottles...
And, got to work!
Speaking of work...
For me, the best part of creating cookies is packing
them up to give away to my friends at the Dream Job!
Which is exactly what I did on Valentine's Day!
Of course, I couldn't forget my wonderful mail lady and
our UPS man who were finally able to get out to deliver today!
So tell me...


  1. I'll bet they all love to see you coming! Your cookies are, once again, beautiful and tempting. So, tell me; still feeling good on the MC?

  2. You own my heart for cookie maker of the decade Janet!! They are beautiful and must surely have been appreciated and loved by your colleagues!! So lovely to see some more of your cookies, I know that they take a huge amount of work on your part, but when you are able to make some and share them with us, I do so love it!! Hope that you are safe in the snow and enjoying the views in the garden. xx

  3. Yum! One of these days I am going to have a function and you're going to make the cookies!

  4. Beautiful cookies! I can see you had so much fun! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  5. Beautiful cookies Janet! I love them!

  6. You do the most beautiful job on cookie decorating. These are just beautiful! How very sweet of you to make all this deliciousness while on the Cleanse. People are very blessed to have you as such a kind-hearted friend.

  7. Gorgeous Valentine Cookies! Love love love them! Janet, how sweet for you to remember your Mail Lady carrier and UPS Man.......and how lucky are your co-workers!


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