Friday, December 20, 2013

Monterey Wave-watching with Mom!

The other day mom and I shopped the Cannery Row Antique Mall
where her enthusiasm for vintage things was reignited! So today, we set
out to revisit another of my old favorite, Hall Tree Antiques in Salinas!
Where the first thing I spied was this Martha-like apothecary jar
and a basket of old cookie cutters! While I'm first a copper cookie
cutter girl... That turkey cutter made in Sweden had my name on it!
Then, just around the corner...
I had a very Yellowware moment!
After Hall Tree, mom and I made our way to Cannery Row for waves and postcards!
My first job after we moved to Monterey from Junction City was on Cannery Row!
Mom always refers to Cannery Row as where Janet worked!
Today was another beautiful day to be on the Monterey Peninsula!
Stupid me... As I looked out over the bay I
actually thought, if I lived here I would never leave!
I know... What a dummy!
After some deep thinking on Cannery Row, mom and I drove
over to my favorite spot for squirrel feeding in Pacific Grove...
We stopped at Whole Foods for some almonds...
Because these little ground squirrels will come
right up to you and take them from your hands!
They're nothing like the tree squirrels back
home, which prefer to rob the bird feeders!
I grabbed the organic almonds... After all, these are California squirrels!
No squirrels on this beach...
Just lots of birds!
So we moved down the coast a little further...
Of course, my little buddy had plenty of competition!
Nevertheless, I made sure a few made their way down to him!
Those cheeks filled up quickly!
But he still wanted more!
I do have a nut or two left for you...
Come and get it!
Mom and I enjoyed our time together... No brownies required!
I bought 100 post cards...
Want one?


  1. Very you to buy organic almonds!! So cute Janet. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics of Monterey. My dad has a chance to get stationed there back in 1981 but instead they sent him to go to MIT in Boston. I have always wondered what Monterey looked like since I was never able to get there.

    Thanks for showing me what I might have lived all those years ago.

  3. How did I miss this? So, you were at my lunch beach? I go to Asilomar beach at least once a week, to eat lunch and watch tourists feeding the squirrels...those varmints! Were you one of them? So sorry I missed a chance to, at least, say hi. I work in Pacific Grove and live in your antiquing was 10 minutes away from my home. When I married my husband, who is from Missouri, I made it very clear that Monterey is my home. Period. I'm not leaving. Ever! (At least I hope I never do.) We are very blessed to live here, I know.


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