Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet Trick-or-Treater Ghost Cookies!

After being reminded last week at work that it must be about
time for me to bring in my Halloween cookies, I quickly ordered
the latest SweetDaniB cookie cutter from!
It's the Trick-or-Treater Ghost and if you haven't already seen
Dani's video about how to decorate it, you can, by clicking here!
After the devastating news this week, I really just needed a project. So I
took Friday off and busied myself in the kitchen baking Halloween cookies!
I mixed and rolled and cut out cookies until 3AM on Saturday morning!
Because sometimes it just takes longer to clear my mind!
By the way... Only my husband would see these cookies and ask why I'm
creating Popsicles. Really! Where does he come up with stuff like this?
Fortunately, it didn't take long for Dani's sweet little
trick-or-treaters to emerge and clear things up for him!
In her video Dani explains that as a kid she used to love dressing up
for Halloween as a ghost by simply throwing a sheet over her head... It
made me laugh because I remember wanting to be a ghost one year but
the only sheet my mom could come up with for me was covered in flowers!
I almost decorated one of these sheets in a floral print!
And yes, in case you're wondering, these are Hanes socks!
Of course, I couldn't create Halloween cookies
without mixing in a few of my puffy pumpkins!
Are you busy creating Halloween cookies? If so, what are they?
I cannot thank Dani enough for inspiring
me to create these adorable ghost cookies!
Let the holiday baking season begin!


  1. Too cute Janet, glad that these little ghosts helped to clear your head a little. Have a better week if you can. xxx p.s. love the way that you have a box for eyeballs and that it is labelled!!

    1. Amy, you darling gir, you... Thank you for your kind words - it always thrills me to hear from you!

      As for the box of eyeballs... Well, you know me - a place for everything and everything in its place... Even eyeballs! :)


  2. Janet, I just can't get enough of these adorable cookies! Your work is so impressive!

  3. Kenn - Such high praise coming from you, thank you! xo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, so much Linda! Cannot wait to see you again at Mixed!!


  5. Your cookies are always absolutely darling! You are so talented!

  6. I love how productive you are when you're burdened with concern. It's such a healthy way to clear your mind, all while doing something sweet for others.
    The "popsicles" are adorable, and undoubtedly just as delicious.
    Perhaps I should take a page from your book, and crank out a batch of pumpkin cupcakes after work...

  7. It's a coping mechanism, for sure, Nancy! I think you should make cupcakes immediately!


  8. Thank you, Kirby! So are you! ;) xo

  9. where is this cookie cutter from??

  10. Yes! where is the cookie cutter from? I really really need to make these! I am new at cookies, but I think I can handle these!
    thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Hope your head is clear now!


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