Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Exploring Reynolda House and Gardens with Mom and Dad!

Reynolda house is just down the road from our own so we've been many
times. We first explored it in 2008 and then went back for the holiday
candlelight tour before our anniversary trip to the Grove Park...
However, since mom and dad have never been to Reynolda house...
And, since it's especially pretty in spring...
We thought it was high time we took them!
They loved the house but mom loved the
gardens more... Especially the white azaleas!
Oh, and the wisteria too!
We're on wisteria watch at our house because it hasn't popped yet!
Reynolda House and Gardens is such a treasure!
The garden and walking trail is open 365 days
a year and it's such a lovely place to take a stroll!
I especially enjoy it when everything is blooming...
And, when the gift shop in the growing house is open!
Following our tour of Reynolda house and gardens we had a quick bite
to eat at Qdoba and then rushed home to spend some time in our own
gardens before the day was over. Imagine how happy I was to see this!
Seems that we've got a whole little family of bunnies living right in our
front yard between the English boxwood hedge and the Japanese maple!
So far we've seen three babies and their mommy too!
I hope they tell their friends so that we'll have more bunny tenants!
I say... The more, the merrier!
Of course, my gardener has a different opinion on the matter!
Good thing he's not in charge around here!
In charge of the landscaping... Absolutely!
In charge of the wildlife that comes, stays or goes... Not so much!
It's all about balance. Right?
Usually when mom and dad visit we can't wait to hit the road... Last year we
took them to Monticello and Mount Vernon and had a fantastic time!
However, during this visit we looked more forward to
staying closer to home and enjoying things nearby...
And, it doesn't get any closer than our own backyard!
So far, we've walked the gardens every morning and every evening!
Because there's always something new to see!
We even catch sweet birdies napping!
Who can blame them though...
This is after all the busiest time of year for them!
Just before our walk ended this evening it began to rain...
I love it when it rains...
It washes away the heavy spring pollen...
And, the rain makes everything just a touch prettier!
But when the rain gets too much and chases us away...
We just dash into the solarium and watch the garden from inside...
Where it's nice and dry!

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