Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Saw Outside Today!

Special company is on the way...
Which meant I spent the morning standing at the kitchen sink!
Polishing copper and shining up the silver!
After the silver and copper fest, I got busy washing all the crystal and flatware...
Which took me to dusting every surface in the house!
After the surfaces, I began organizing piles here and there...
And, before I knew it, the house was spotless...
But the morning and afternoon were gone!
So I rushed outside to ensure I didn't miss
another minute of this glorious Spring day!
Of course, I took two rolls of paper towels
and my bottle of Windex with me...
Because there were windows to clean!
And, so...
While the birds sang...
And the wind chimes played to the breezes...
And the chipmunks gorged on the birdseed I put out...
And Leo lounged in the solarium, I cleaned windows!
Until the setting sun made them sparkle like diamonds!
After the windows were clean I took a walk around through Spring!
I cannot wait for my parents to get here!
It'll be their first visit during spring time...
Normally, they visit in the Fall, which isn't a bad time of year either!
But there's something special about spring!
I cannot wait to show them Spring time in North Carolina!
The plan is to take them back to Biltmore in Asheville...
And then continue further into the mountains
and show them Highlands and Cashiers...
The shopping there always reminds me of Carmel...
Which will make them feel right at home!
So how is your spring shaping up where you live?
I hope it's green...
And pink and purple too!
Really purple!
Like this!
And that you have plenty of time to enjoy it!
And all that's about to follow!


  1. I feel like I am there!! Gorgeous...can almost hear the tweets!!

  2. Oh WOW! What can I say, would spectacular, stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, heavenly be enough? I am so in love with your garden that it leaves me speechless when I first see it each Spring. Your parents will see the beauty all around and be amazed at what they haven't seen before in your garden. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and garden with your followers.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful touch of spring. Spring is just starting in the northeast, so these pictures were much appreciated. Happy Spring!

  4. Wow! Janet, your spring is way ahead of ours here in Maryland! My Cherry trees are in blossom and the daffodils are out, but my Tulips, Iris and Bleeding Hearts need another week of warmer weather to get going!
    I do have Bluebird families already nesting in my Bluebird houses and the Barn Swallows are busy making a nest under my porch roof. Hurray for Spring! So happy your folks will get to enjoy a Carolina Spring! Can't wait to see the pictures of your trip!

  5. Janet its beautiful more garden pics please Hugs Valerie Cottage Making Mommy

  6. Wow - Janet - your pics are wonderful, I can only imagine it is oh-so-much-better in person. My spring is starting off in a pot ghetto and a mountain of dirt - but we'll get there. It takes years to shape a garden to be a work of art - and one must start that journey with a plant and a shovel. Happy Spring!!

  7. Janet, isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by all of those birds? They're gorgeous and it's obvious that they love your home. What about Leo? Oh my gosh, SO SO cute!

    Lovely as always my friend.



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