Thursday, September 20, 2012

Richmond and Monticello with Mom and Dad!

 Hello, Mr. Jefferson!
We're back!
There are only a few hotels and attractions I can't wait to see again and again...
But The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond and Jefferson's
beloved plantation, Monticello is near the top of my list!
I've missed it ever since we were last here! But
this visit is even better than the last visit, because...
This time... Mom and dad are with us!
And as you can see... We've been cracking each other up all day!
Everything is just a little bit funnier and
a whole lot more fun with them around!
We're hotel-hopping for the next three days and I've upgraded
each of their rooms to suites with jetted tubs so of course, I've
brought along a whole menu of Lush bath bombs for both of us!
There wasn't a suite available next to mom and dad's room so we're
in a regular king room. But hello! Regular at The Jefferson is still...
Pretty spectacular!
Even this non-jetted, regular tub will do for me!
I've folded points on the paper in my guest bathrooms for years,
but I'm really loving the added touch of monogrammed seals!
Indeed, there's lots to like at The Jefferson!
Including the view!
Oh, and...
The indoor pool!
We had it all to ourselves this evening!
After we checked into our rooms this afternoon we
visited Jefferson's Monticello for the 3:30PM tour!
It was a perfect day to visit!
The weather was perfect and we had the whole place to ourselves!
Last time, I couldn't help but break the rules and I took photos inside
Jefferson's private study and bed chamber where he died... I didn't do
that this time so if you want to see them, you'll have to click here
I truly adore Monticello!
I know it will sound incredible but...
There's a presence you can feel at Monticello...
There's a warmth and happiness that kinda follows you around...
I felt it last time and it was even stronger today...
Of course the company we kept could have something to do with it!
But seriously, it feels like Thomas Jefferson
has never truly departed from his Monticello!
And I can't say I blame him!
They call this the Nickel-shot for obvious reason...
Despite two visits, Monticello remains on our list of places to see...
Next time, we plan to take the behind the scenes tour...
Which takes you upstairs and around the dome!
Monticello at Christmas is also on our list!
On the way to the cemetery you pass through the kitchen...
 The snack and secondary gift shop...
And, the gardens...
But perhaps the most interesting thing during the walk...
Is the view of gorgeous Virginia!
It's stunning!
Then, at the bottom of the hill...
Rests Thomas Jefferson!
I didn't notice it before but Cooper is there on the gate!
Of course, Captain Cooper noticed it right away!
Not much gets past him...
70 yesterday but even the years can't change that fact!
Still as sharp, (and handsome) as ever!
As we did last time... We skipped the shuttle and
walked back to the museum, main gift shop and parking lot...
Which gave us another chance to giggle...
And goof off!
We're off to Washington DC in the morning... But not too early
because there must be time to sleep in and to fully enjoy The Jefferson!

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  1. Oh Janet, I'm so glad you chose to share this with us. I love looking at your meaningful pictures. They say a picture paints a thousand words and yours speak volumns. I know you are enjoying having your parents with you and the closeness is evident in your photos as well. I have never been there but now through your photos I feel as if I have indeed visited Monticello in person. The scenery is fabulous and the sky gave her best display of beauty just for you all. Enjoy your time together and please allow us to visit the other national landmarks through your photographs. Best wishes for the most delightful trip ever.


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