Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios... A full day of fun!

Greetings from Orlando!
While it was terribly difficult to leave my dear brother in Cape Coral,
there is a Food Blog Forum waiting for me in Orlando this weekend!
So we said our see-ya-laters and we headed
back to Orlando where our first stop was...
The magic kingdom!
While my heart will always and forever belong to Disneyland...
I do admit Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World is pretty magical!
After a brief stay at the kingdom...
We headed over to Epcot to check out
the Flower Show sponsored by HGTV!
It was splendid!
Of course, my gardener was quick to point out that...
Given more money, he could do the same for me!
I told him he's doing just fine!
We worked up quite an appetite park-hopping so we went to dinner in Germany!
After Epcot we headed over to Universal...
Because although I can't tell you much about Harry Potter...
I can tell you I've wanted to check out his
castle since I saw the first commercial for it!
The village did not disappoint!
I loved the scenery!
The charming village with its crooked little houses...
Reminded me so much of old-world Europe!
Which I do believe is the point!
Oh, there it is!
I was so excited to get there...
Only to learn that if you thought you were going to actually walk through the
doors of the castle, you're highly mistaken! Turns out, Harry's castle is one of
those magical things you only see. Sure, there is a ride but it's in a regular old
building underneath. Huge let down, it was. But hey there were other things...
Such as students with their singing frogs!
And, shops... This one, filled with candy!
Pretty candy...
All sorts of candy!
Including chocolate frogs!
There was also a smiling wizard who didn't mind American Express!
What more could one ask for?
Except to tour the castle and experience it up close...
Still, the surrounding landscape is beautiful...
And, worth seeing!
On our way around the castle scene, we ran into this family of ducks!
They were very busy with the popcorn from a nearby vendor...
After all that popcorn it was time for a drink!
So cute!
After all the popcorn droppings outside was claimed...
It was time to retrieve more from the source!
Even mom got in on the fresh supply!
Aside from missing my brother and wish my
parents were with us, today was a pretty decent day!


  1. Looks like so much fun. Are you going to Food Blog Forum? So many people I know are going, I'm really missing out!

  2. Such a delight to see Disney World through your camera. Enjoy your stay and the Food Blog Forum. Seeing the duck family brought to mind the Cardinal Bird family back home growing and getting ready to leave the nest, Hope they're still there when you get back. I think your gardener does a fantastic job that would rival the DW gardener if he had the money to go all out that way. But I must say I think I like your home garden much better, as it's more natural to the surrounding area, and the habitat for nature's critters are definitely camera worthy. Looking forward to your next blog entry on the Food Blog Forum.

  3. Love the photo of your brother on the beach with his pooch! Easy to see why he likes Cape Coral so much!

    Disney World looks as beautiful as ever! Sensational pics of the flower show, especially like the one of the reflecting pond with the "floating" planters of purple & chartreuse. Tell your gardener the Disney gardens may be beautiful, but the incredible "oasis" he has created in your backyard takes first prize!

    Loved the tour of Hogwarts! Have been dying to go! The boys named our cat "Sirius Black" after Harry's Godfather!

    The little ducklings following the popcorn trail.......... just precious!

    Can't wait to read more about the food forum!


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