Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prom Cookies

The completion of my new baking pantry came just in time
because on the day the doors were installed I received four
requests from friends... All of them in need of cookies!
The first request came from a sweet mom calling for her son who
wanted to employ a cleaver way of asking his girlfriend to their prom!
I originally ordered this fancy dress cookie cutter from
with cookies in mind for the Ranger's girl and the ladies she works with,
to thank them for their kindness during his recent visit... However, I also
think it's the perfect shape for the prom dresses dancing in my head!
Ah, Prom...
Seems like just yesterday I was picking up my own prom dress!
And, it seems like only five minutes ago that the
Ranger and his brother were headed off to their proms...
 It's true what they say... Time does fly when you're having fun!
Speaking of fun.... I found it difficult not to dance around
the kitchen a little once these cookies began to come to life!
I hope you picked up this set of cookie cutters
by Neiman Marcus for Target last Christmas!
Because the loafer is perfect!
By the way, we moms must stick together; therefore, I added an extra
cookie to the set... For the most important girl in prom king's life!
So... What do you think?
Think she said yes?


  1. I ordered the Target set of cutters online, free shipping in January when they were 70% off! =) LOVE THEM. Your cookies are gorgeous as ever-that dress is amazing! And your pantry...I WANT IT ! But alas have no room for a pantry...I have to settle for the finished room in the attic haha.

  2. So clever, and cute! Awesome job !

  3. She would be a silly girl to say no. Great idea!

  4. I know it was such a relief to go to the new baking pantry for everything you needed to bake these gorgeous prom cookies. It was so many years ago. that I made my prom dress and went. Beautiful memories of a special time in my youth. I,m sure the memories of your boys' proms seems like yesterday. I know it is for me with my four childen. The cookies wouldbeahitforanyoccasionas long as you make them. These are perfection. Lovethose colors too.

  5. No doubt she said yes! Gorgeous cookies. I'm loving the simplicity of the prom dresses and how the sanding sugar made them look positively elegant.

  6. She better have! lol! :) Those cookies are FABULOUS Janet :)

  7. Wow! Janet, your prom cookies are sensational! Love the crisp lines, colors and sanding sugar shimmer!
    Pairing a snazzy loafer and pretty party dress to create a one of kind invitation to Prom....simply brilliant!I'm betting she said YES!

  8. Love all the sugary glitter, and your baking pantry is AWESOME!


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