Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hallmark's Get Carded 7-card Challenge

Contest Closed!
Thank you for sharing your lists of special
people with me! I wish I could send everyone
a package of cards; however, the winner of the
Hallmark card pack is... Patti! Please send your
full name and address to me and Hallmark will
send your card pack out right away! xo Janet
A couple of days following my post about rediscovering this box of
old love-letters, the nice people at Hallmark reached out to ask if I
would participate in the Hallmark Get Carded 7-card blogger challenge!
Have you gone totally digital or do you still have an old address book you
rely on? I do! And, no matter how much I lean on technology to keep in touch
with my friends and family, few things compare with the feeling of choosing a
special card and sending it to someone I love. I send lots of cards and, I'm very
fortunate to receive lots of cards too. My mom sends the best cards! Nothing
lifts me up quicker than a card from my mom and dad... It doesn't have to be a
lengthy message. A simple, "We miss you" or "do you remember..." will do!
This is the address book I put together when I was eighteen years
old. Sure, a lot of the addresses and numbers have changed and there
are even a few friends who's married names have changed a few times
over the years too... But they're all still in there, along with a few notes,
photos and old newspaper clippings that bring back great memories!
Now, this is the address book I put together fifteen years ago, after I
ran out of pages in my old address book. I went a little bigger with this
one; in fact, it's not an address book at all! It's a leather journal, which
allows me to document not only the names, addresses and telephone
numbers of people I care about and enjoy corresponding with, it also
lets me document other important goodies about them... Such as how
we met, where they work, their birthday, about their spouse, kids, etc.
My address book travels with me too... Because I have a whole list of
friends and family that love to receive post cards from the places we
travel. And, even though people I meet along the way often send me
contact information via e-mail, they all eventually end up here in my
trusty address book. What about you... Are you a blogger that would
like to take the 7-card challenge too? Well, all you have to do is apply
here and Hallmark will send you a card-pack to help get you started!
So for the past seven days I've been writing and sending cards to some of the
important people in my life. First on my list is this guy because today's his birthday!
While he is currently very busy in sniper school, this is the first
birthday in four years that he hasn't been deployed. I'll take it!
Four days after Ranger's birthday we always celebrate my
parents' anniversary. This March 14th marks fifty-one years!
As part of Hallmark's 7-card challenge, I'm supposed to share with you
a little about whom I've chosen to receive cards... So in addition to our
Ranger for his 25th birthday and, to my parents for their 51st wedding
anniversary, I have also mailed cards to Ranger's girlfriend and, to my
dear friend on Bainbridge Island who's about to launch her dream of
selling her hand-sewn, Bags by Bloom! Of course, my list of important
people wouldn't be complete without mentioning the girl who has been
my BFF since we met in the fourth grade or my other BFF... The very
first girl to befriend me in junior high after my family moved to Kansas
from Germany. This friend has battled MS for the past thirteen years
more courageously than I ever imagined was humanly possible. So...
What about you? Want to dust off your old address book and send some
sweet Hallmark cards to your own list of special people? All you have to
do is leave a comment telling me what makes the first person on your
list so special. I'll pick a winner on Wednesday 03/14. Good Luck!

The legal stuff goes like this:
All opinions about Hallmark are my own. But let's face it... There's no disputing that Hallmark remains the gold-standard of greeting cards for all occasions. I wouldn't be caught dead sending anything else! I received an assortment of 10 of Hallmark's nicest greeting cards for review plus 20 first-class stamps. Thanks, Hallmark!  


  1. I still send cards on birthdays, too. And they are always Hallmark, of course.

  2. I love to send letters and cards in the mail and to receive them. There's something so special about opening the mailbox and seeing that special envelope. The first person on my list would be my brother Joey who is going in for some pretty major surgery next week. Can't miss an opportunity to say how special he is to me.

  3. the first person i would send a card to would be my mom and husband and i moved away 2 years ago so, we don't see them as often. there is nothing like getting a card in the mail and seeing someone's handwriting (it just feel so special)

  4. the first person i would send a card to would be my mom and dad. my husband and i moved away 2 years ago so, we don't see them as much. i love getting cards in the see someone's writing just makes it so special

  5. I absolutely love sending cards, the is just something so special about going and picking the effect card for that special someone, I know I love when I go to the mailbox and there sits a brightly colored envelope with a special card. My mom and step dad would be first on my list, they have always supported me, loved me, and are the best grandparents ever to my little people.

  6. I LOVE Hallmark cards and despite the fact that I could make a card myself with being crafty I just can't do it. I would send my first card to my BFF of 30 years. We are literally on different coasts and talk all the time but there is something special about receiving a piece of mail from a loved one that brightens the day. Thank you so much and I adore your blog.


  7. I love sending cards, picking out the perfect card for that special someone, writing your own special message inside and sealing it with love. I know I love it. When I go to the mailbox and there sits in a brightly colored envelope a card that someone hand picked for me. My mom and step dad would be the first on my list, they have always supported me, they love me no matter what, they give of themselves without notice to everyone, and they are the best grandparents ever to my little people.

  8. The first person on my list would be my oldest sister whom I haven't seen in 14 years. We do talk on the phone occasionally. Hallmark is always the card of choice. I've tried to make my own but find my crafty self lacking in that department. You just can't go wrong with a Hallmark card is the way I feel.

  9. I still send letters.

    I'd send one to my best sister-girl-friend (since my mother lives with me) who has made my life brighter b/c she's apart of it. We met in 7th grade, went to college together and she was my maid of honor 19yrs ago. She is now in GA and I in TX.

    Emails are great instant messages but letters let you know someone took the time to sit down, write and mail because they were thinking about you. How special to be thought about. That's why I do it b/c I just know letters are like sealed Sunshine. Once opened, they brighten your day!


  10. One of my favorite things to do is to shop for greeting cards at Target. I can stand in the aisles laughing my head off or tearing up at something sentimental. If I won, I would send my first card to my sister, Janet, who moved from Los Angeles to your side of the country in January. I'm so used to having her nearby, it's been quite an adjustment.


  11. The first person on my list would be my daughter Anya. I live in California and she lives in Russia, and I miss her so much!

    lidiagri @

  12. Funny, I just sent the Little Black Dress card to a dear friend. The first person on my list is my sister. She lives in another state and she puts a smile on my face just thinking about her.

  13. Hi Janet, Just wanted to let you know that I received my packet of Hallmark cards. Love them! I've already sent out several and I'll be sending out a few more to some special people. Thanks again!


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