Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

I spent this beautiful afternoon before Easter creating baptism
cookie favors for a special friend in Texas. A baptism at Easter...
I cannot think of a more beautiful
time of the year to celebrate a baptism!
These onesie cookies were created using this copper cookie cutter
from It's the perfect size for a cookie favor!
I never created baptism cookie favors before until Dani Fiori contacted me
about assisting with an order she had for them. Yes... The Dani Fiori. The
Emmy winning set decorator and stylist for Martha Stewart. And yes...
Dani is every bit as sweet, kind and generous as we see on television!
Although it's been several months since I pitched in to help
replicate Dani's elegant baptism cookie favor for her client...
I'm spilling the beans to you now because I cannot post about creating
these baptism cookies again today without ensuring that Dani receives
full credit for her design that inspired me or my ability to do them!
Oh! Speaking of beans...
Have you seen Dani decorate her adorable bunny in egg cookie using
Jelly Belly jelly beans yet? If not, click here to check out her sweet video!
A little advice before you create this cookie... Buy extra Jelly Belly jelly
beans because for every one you put on the cookie, you're sure to eat two!
How cute are these little egg cookies?
I created them using my Martha by Mail Eggs copper cookie
cutter set. Still worth every penny! And, they look so cute on this
cupcake stand by Martha Stewart that I picked up at Macy*s!
I couldn't help but decorate some of them to look like real eggs!
Off to the Easter basket they go!
Wishing you a very Happy Easter!


  1. The cookies turned out amazing. I love the split eggs and the deviled eggs! And the baptism cookies look adorable. The sugar cross was a perfect touch! And the honor of being asked to make cookies with Dani- I am swooning over here! :) Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter, Janet! Your cookies are so adorable (as usual)! You are so creative! I'm with Marci, I love the split and egg yolk halved cookies! I had no idea who Dani was until just now, but congratulations! Wow!

  3. Happy Easter, Janet! I am embarrassed to say I did not make cookies or cupcakes for Easter, rather, my mom's chocolate pie. For some reason, it seemed important today.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. As always your cookies are stunning. I am so happy for you getting to assist Dani with her order. Happy Easter dear lady! You're one in a million.

  5. Janet, so excited to finally see those adorable Baptism cookies! The little sugar crosses are just perfect and what fun getting to work with Dani B!

    Your "real" egg cookies are sweet genius! Love the picture perfect display on that adorable pink Martha cake stand!

    Also really like the way the jelly beans give added dimension to your hatching bunny cookies!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  6. I love Dani's design for the Baptism cookies and yours turned out beautifully. All your cookies turned out beautifully.
    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter with the family.


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