Monday, January 21, 2013

We're Home!

As are all visits with our Ranger, this 15th trip to Ft. Benning was both
sweet and far too short. The photos he shared with us are amazing...
He doesn't know it but these images are priceless to us. They help more
than he knows. They help put to rest a little of the worry and wondering about
what he sees over there. But now we're home and back into our routine...
And, there are fresh tulips on the living room table this evening,
which means that although there was snow on the ground
last Thursday, I'm ready to celebrate the end of yet another
worrisome deployment and, the beginning of a beautiful spring!
Oh, by the way... Remember that reoccurring fantasy dream I
have... The one where I stroll into an antique shop and find those
Martha Stewart copper cookie cutters I'm so crazy about? Well...
It happened today!
Of course, I already own this set and love using it
so I might just have to find someone to share it with!


  1. How very cool, Janet! As soon as I saw them, I remembered you already having that set & making those beautiful tree cookies! <3

  2. YAY!! Awesome find!! Glad you are happy at home! :)

  3. What wonderful luck! You'd better keep that fantasy going, Janet; imagine what you'll find next time! Welcome home to you and your Ranger. Those tulips are a perfect way to celebrate.

  4. Glad you made it home safely. Those cookie cutters are awesome. Love them. Have an awesome week.

  5. Good to hear you had a good albeit short visit with the Ranger. Congrats on finding those cookie cutters.
    Those fresh tulips...beautiful. They are not from your garden already are they!?

  6. hello, can you believe I just found your site because I was searching for more information on those cookie cutters? A google search turned up an older post about them, and then I followed the link to the kitty cookie cutters and then read about your son, so I went to your front page to see if there was more news about him and there you are, finding MORE cookie cutters. Pretty funny! I was trying to figure out why the cookie cutters were going for so much on ebay, are they really that much better than other cutters, and if so what makes them so good? Wishing your family all the best...


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